TaylorMade Project (S) Ball Review - Joel Tadman puts the ball through its paces on the course.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

TaylorMade Project (S) Ball


  • Good value, decent long game performance and durability.


  • Does't spin as much around the greens compared to most other balls.


TaylorMade Project (S) Ball


Price as reviewed:

£24.99 (per dozen)

Clubhouse Golf

TaylorMade Project (S) Ball Review

This ball is aimed at budget-conscious golfers who prioritise a soft feel.

Key Technology
The ‘s’ in Project (s) stands for soft feel, but it is also designed to offer low driver spin thanks to the Dual-Distance core, which decreases the overall compression for soft feel while also maintaining high ball speed. A soft ionomer cover improves feel and control around the green, while the high-lift 342LDP dimple pattern reduces drag throughout the ball’s flight for more distance.

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GM Verdict
The Project (s) unquestionably provides the softest feel of all TaylorMade golf balls on every club through the bag. It is better suited to lower-swing-speed players off the tee, who will benefit most from the low- compression design and low spin.

We found the ball to be flying higher with the irons


We found it to be impressive on iron shots, offering a high ball flight with low spin that will keep it moving into the wind. It doesn’t spin quite as much around the green as balls with a more premium cover material, like Project (a) and TP5, meaning you have to allow for a little extra run on chips and pitches, but there’s a degree of grab when you nip it cleanly from tight lies.

The Project (s) comes in a variety of finishes

But as an overall package, there’s some good value here for average golfers who want a soft feel, decent long- game performance, durability and a variety of colour options.

As well as gloss white, the Project (s) is available in UV-resistant matte yellow and orange finishes.


Best suited to lower-swing speeds, the Project (S) gives soft feel as well as low spin. At £24.99 it offers good value as well.