Srixon AD333 Tour golf ball review

Golf Monthly's Paul O'Hagan reviews the Srixon AD333 Tour golf ball

2016 Srixon AD333 Tour
Golf Monthly Verdict

GM verdict: This is a product that does exactly what it promises. On approach shots and around the green it feels and performs a lot like the brand's premium Z-Star ball. It produced impressive spin on approach shots, and felt great off the face of a wedge and putter. Interestingly, the feel on full shots was slightly firmer off the face, more like the standard AD333. Durability is also good for a ball with a urethane cover. The Spin Skin coating proved effective at controlling both the spin and distance from any area around the green. From the teeing area, the AD333 Tour feels explosive at impact. The ball gives a more penetrating flight, so I was able to control the trajectory more consistently, particularly in windy conditions.

Reasons to buy
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    The short game performance of the Srixon AD333 Tour is very impressive. As soon as you move from premium to mid price range golf balls, you often notice a drop off in short game control and a firmer feel off the face of your wedge and putter. This is not the case here. The ball checks on the second bounce as you'd expect from a much more expensive offering.

Reasons to avoid
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    Faster swingers might notice a little too much spin. However, it is important to say that this was something we did not detect during our extensive testing.

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Golf Monthly's digital editor Neil Tappin reviews the second generation of the Srixon AD333 Tour golf ball, which offers premium performance at an affordable price tag

Key technology: Srixon AD333 Tour

The 2016 update carries the same name as the 2014 AD333 Tour, but now launches higher and spins less for longer distance on all shots. That was possible thanks to a new Energetic Gradient Growth core that is five compression points softer to aid distance and deliver a softer feel. With a firm outer layer that softens towards the centre, the core is precisely cured at different temperatures to achieve stiffness variations in a design that aids long-term durability and consistent power distribution from shot-to-shot. The three-piece ball is covered by a thin and soft Urethane cover thats aids overall softness by 21% compared to the previous AD333 Tour to improve feedback off the face.

Full Srixon AD 333 Tour Review

The 2016 version of the Srixon AD333 Tour continues the franchise nicely. The long game performance is solid - any player, no matter what you swing speed will see good distance and a strong flight. You would expect that from a traditional golf ball brand. Where this really comes into its own is with the spin around the greens. The ball checks on the second bounce in exactly the way you would expect from a premium priced golf ball.

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If you are looking to test a new ball and perhaps don't want to pay the hefty price tag attached to a premium ball, this is a must. The short game control is simply superb and whilst the cover offers plenty of spin and feel, there appeared no drop off in durability.

Will suit... players with average swing speeds after plenty of spin around the greens.

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