Snell MTB-X Ball

We test the Snell MTB-X ball out on the course

Golf Monthly Verdict

For the price point, this is a fantastic ball, especially off the tee. For players that prefer a slightly firmer, clickier feel this is the ball for you in the Snell range. It performs great throughout the bag in the long game but still provides the response and control around the greens for both the average player and serious golfer.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very comparable feel and performance to top performing brands firmer version like Titleist Pro V1x and Srixon Z-Star XV

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Lacks the credibility of the mainstream brands. Low spin on long game shots might be a concern.

In this Snell MTB-X ball review, we take it out on the course for a full round to assess how it performs on different types of shot

Snell MTB-X Ball Review

Snell is another direct-to-consumer golf ball brand, similar to Vice Golf, claiming to offer premium tour ball performance without the punchy prices. It was founded by Dean Snell, who in the past has worked for Titleist and TaylorMade.

The MTB-X is a three-piece, mid-priced ball replacing the MTB Red offering a firmer feel, superior distance thanks to a smaller core and short-game feel and control from a cast urethane cover.

Removing the balls from the sleeve and chipping a few initial practice shots, they certainly feel firm. Typically when the ball comes out on the firmer side of things, distance is what the brand is after, and that looks to be the case with the Snell MTB-X ball.


It doesn’t disappoint off the tee - this ball feels really hot off the face. The ball felt penetrating off the driver and anyone can play with complete confidence it will drive through the wind without any issues.

Around the greens the ball performed as expected, gripping up nicely on the second bounce although there are premium options out there that will spin more on those crucial short-sided shots.

It performed well on bump and runs and long pitches where the ball would take a bounce, check slightly and release but if you like to play the low, spinning chip that stands to attention you may be left wanting slightly.

With the irons it performed well, when testing in the wind the ball stood up to the challenge. A player needs to be aware when hitting irons into a wind whether or not it will balloon and the Snell MTB-X lost minimal distance into the wind and held its line well in crosswinds.

In fact, the strength and consistency of the trajectory is fantastic - it really stood out to us as one of the more reliable long-game balls on the market.