Honma TW-X Balls

Our verdict on the feel and performance of the Honma TW-X golf ball.

Golf Monthly Verdict

The Honma TW-X ball represent excellent value for money at just £26 per dozen with a urethane cover and penetrating flight off the tee. Many will also enjoy the firm, crisp feel and impressive durability too.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Excellent value for money with good long game performance and a decent amount of spin around the greens.

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Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Doesn't quite offer the drop-and-stop control of the more premium offerings.

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In this Honma TW-X ball review, Kit Alexander outlines what golfers can expect having tested it out on the golf course

Honma TW-X Balls Review

Honma has recently expanded its golf ball range and one of the new models is the three-piece TW-X, which sits between the entry level A1 and more premium X4 in terms of price but comes in at a very competitive £26 per dozen, the same as the soft-feeling TW-S ball.

The Honma TW-X balls are aimed at golfers who swing the driver in excess of 90 mph and want plenty of distance with a more penetrating trajectory and a firmer feel than the TW-S. Is it one of the best golf balls you can buy for this price? That is what we wanted to find out.

Honma TW-X Ball

After a good amount of use, we found the TW-X was very durable

It certainly produces a strong flight that was impressively stable when playing in windy conditions. It also produced good distance in the long game thanks to the way the first and second layers – a new combination core and a high repulsion ionomer – work together.

Furthermore, the TW-X has a 326-dimple pattern that creates an aerodynamic and stable flight, and the cover showed impressive durability throughout testing.

Honma TW-X Ball

The Honma TW-X ball has a unique 326 dimple pattern

In the short game, the TW-X is firm and makes a noticeable clicking sound, but it would still be considered pretty soft in terms of the overall ball market.

It boasts a urethane cover, so on those shorter chips and pitches you do notice the ball checking up on the second bounce on a lower, more controlled flight.

The TW-X is altogether very responsive, although perhaps not quite as spinny as some more expensive premium balls, it certainly isn't far behind.

However, for £26 a dozen, the TW-X feels more premium than the price suggests and is a great value ball for the golfer with a faster swing looking for good greenside control. Plus it comes in yellow option too, for golfers that find this colour easier to track through the air.

Kit Alexander is a golf broadcaster and journalist who commentates and presents for the DP World Tour, PGA EuroPro Tour and Rose Ladies Series. He has over 15 years’ experience of magazine and television work in the golf industry and is a regular contributor to Golf Monthly.