Honma TW-S Balls

We put the Honma TW-S ball to the test out on the golf course

Honma TW-S Balls Review
Golf Monthly Verdict

The Honma TW-S is one of the sofest feeling balls we've tested in a while. At £26 a dozen it represents great value in this category of golf balls. An ideal ball for golfers with slower swing speeds looking for a softer feel and higher ball flight.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Good long game performance and incredibly soft off the face on all shots. Higher flight somewhat negates the lack of urethane cover for stopping power.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Limited spin control on offer around the greens.

In this Honma TW-S balls review, Kit Alexander takes them to the golf course to assess the feel, flight and performance on offer through the bag

Honma TW-S Balls Review

Honma has expanded its golf ball range in 2020. The premium options are the four-piece X4 (opens in new tab) and the six-layer Future XX, while the value option is now the the A1. The TW-S we've tested here is a three-piece construction and sits between the other two in terms of price at a very competitive £26 per dozen.

The TW-S has also been launched alongside the slightly firmer TW-X, aimed at those who swing the club quicker and want a bit more spin around the greens.

Honma TW-S Ball

Starting in the long game, the TW-S has a lovely soft feel and a higher flight that slower swingers will benefit from.

The TW-S is designed for players who swing the club a little slower, around the 85mph mark, who prefer a softer feel and slightly higher ball flight. The different S-Fast core does make the ball noticeably softer and you still get decent distance from the higher flight that is preferable as swing speed slows down.

Despite being aimed at those with slightly slower swing speeds, the S-fast core in the new TW-S makes for faster balls speeds off the face, and we could certainly feel that when using this ball with long irons and drivers.

Honma TW-S packaging

The new TW-S comes with a unqiue S-fast core

Despite its relatively high peak height, the lower launch of the TW-S, when compared to the sister TW-X ball, makes it a great option for playing in the wind too.

The TW-S wasn't quite as long off the tee for our average swing speed as the more premium models, but it was a good all-rounder nonetheless.

It is one of the softest feeling and sounding balls out there and, despite its reduced spin around the greens versus Honma's urethane covered options, is a competitively priced golf ball for those looking for a soft feel and consistent flight. 

Kit Alexander is a golf broadcaster and journalist who commentates and presents for the DP World Tour, PGA EuroPro Tour and Rose Ladies Series. He has over 15 years’ experience of magazine and television work in the golf industry and is a regular contributor to Golf Monthly.