2018 Srixon AD333 Tour Ball Review - We test out Srixon's latest ball offering, said to provide tour-like performance for the average golfer

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Srixon AD333 Tour Ball


  • For the average golfer with a mid-level swing speed, the AD333 Tour is an excellent all-round performer, delivering distance and stability off the tee and spin control around the green.


  • Faster swingers may prefer a lower spinning ball off the tee.


2018 Srixon AD333 Tour


Price as reviewed:

£29.99 (per dozen)

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2018 Srixon AD333 Tour Ball Review

Aimed at
This ball is aimed at mid and slow swinging golfers who want close to tour ball attributes, like a distance, soft feel and greenside spin, without the premium price tag.

Key technology
On the 2018 AD333 Tour, Srixon’s 3rd generation SpinSkin replaces the previous version to provide more control around the greens. Use of 338 dimples compared to 324 on the previous version creates a longer and more stable flight while a slightly lower compression from 75 to 72 should aid distance off the tee for slower swing speed players. The SpinSkin coating is the same as what features on the Z-Star and Z-Star XV ball models played on tour.

How we tested
We put this ball in play for an entire round to see if we could notice any difference in performance over our usual premium choice.


Long game
Distance and ball flight off the tee was comparable to premium offerings, the driver spin was a touch higher than we’d like but on the course it seemed pretty stable in the wind.

Short game
The AD333 Tour does feel fairly soft and grips up nicely when you cleanly strike a chip or pitch before gently releasing out.

Overall performance
The AD333 Tour is a really impressive offering considering its modest price tag. For many abilities and player types, especially slow and mid swing speed players, it will provide the requisite control around the green coupled with a soft feel and good all-round performance off the tee or into greens. The flight is long, stable and consistent and the difference between it and our usual premium ball are fairly minimal. The only difference perhaps coming around the green in terms of feel and control but the majority of amateur players will be satisfied with its short game performance.


A ball that has a urethane cover and excellent long game performance for under £30 provides a great deal of value. For many amateur players, it will offer everything they're looking for while saving a few pounds over tour-level premium balls.