Elliott Heath tests out TaylorMade's FlexTech stand bag to see what it has to offer out on the golf course...

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TaylorMade FlexTech Stand Bag


  • Brilliant features including plenty of pockets, large bottle holder and innovative Strap Pass. Sleek looks and very decent value for money.


  • Not fully waterproof unlike some other models in the Flextech range


TaylorMade FlexTech Stand Bag


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TaylorMade FlexTech Stand Bag

The TaylorMade FlexTech stand bag is a fantastic-looking bag that has a wide range of features to make it a joy to use and own.

Coming in four different colourways, the bag is part of TaylorMade’s extensive FlexTech range that also features Waterproof and Lite versions.

There is also a FlexTech Crossover model, which includes a 14-way divider.

Luckily for us, the standard FlexTech comes with a 5-way top, something we much preferred to allow you to group your clubs together – for example we had our woods and putter in the top section and then split up my long, mid and short irons and wedges in the other four sections.

Our tester favours the standard FlexTech over the more expensive Crossover for this reason.

The bag comes with a seriously impressive 11 pockets, and we really appreciated the large water bottle pocket as well as the small side pocket at the bottom of the bag next to where you’d store your golf balls.

Many brands don’t make use of this space, which is perfect for keeping small items in.

The very large side pocket and zip spans the entire length of the bag too, which is another feature you don’t always get with other brands that sometimes have slightly awkward main sections.

This was certainly not the case with the FlexTech, which can house all of your golfing essentials with easy access.

The Strap Slider System was a joy to use and very simple to find your perfect, comfortable fit and the legs were also very stable and easy to retract.

It also has a solid grab handle and the bag as a whole is nice and lightweight. We were also big fans of the premium-feeling zips too.

The innovative Strap Pass system that allows your trolley strap to pass under the main pocket is a brilliant feature that we have not seen before on other bags we’ve owned.

For golfers who favour using a stand bag but also like to use a trolley, this is an extremely handy feature to have and will be much appreciated by players who like to use trolleys.

It is one of many features on the bag that helps it feel premium and extremely well designed.

We weren’t huge fans of the Titanium/Blue/Steel colour but that is subjective and there are three other options to go for. We would opt for the Black/Slate option.

To have a go-to golf bag to use throughout the seasons, many may feel that it needs to be waterproof and this is the only real area where the FlexTech falls down.

We would consider paying more for the fully waterproof version, albeit the pocket layout and looks of the standard FlexTech are arguably better.

All in all, the FlexTech is a fantastic, premium stand bag from TaylorMade coming in reasonably priced – definitely worth considering if you aren’t in need of a fully waterproof option.


A fantastic bag with ample pockets, innovative features and a sleek look. We would go as far as saying it would be the perfect stand bag if it was fully waterproof.