In this TaylorMade FlexTech Crossover Stand Bag review, Kit Alexander takes it out on course to see how practical this stand bag is.

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TaylorMade FlexTech Crossover Stand Bag


  • Fantastic versatility for carrying or on a trolley, good stand and straps, loads of storage pockets.


  • Could be a little lighter if you predominantly carry, isn’t fully waterproof.


TaylorMade FlexTech Crossover Stand Bag


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TaylorMade FlexTech Crossover Stand Bag Review

The FlexTech bag range features four models, with the standard FlexTech, Waterproof and Lite available alongside the Crossover. The Crossover’s USP is that it’s designed to fit snuggly onto a trolley, as well giving you the option to carry.

The first thing you notice about the bag is that it has a 14-way club divider and lots of pockets. That many dividers in the top of the bag can split opinion, but we quite like it because it stops your shafts banging together as you walk, and it makes it very easy to quickly locate the club you want when you’ve remembered which order you put them in.

The amount and variety of storage pockets is fantastic. There’s more than enough space for everything you could possibly need, and the seam-sealed and micro-suede lined valuables pocket and drink bottle pouch are very handy additions.

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It’s comfortable to carry when you have it on your bag and the self-adjusting strap does a good job of distributing the weight evenly once you have the straps at the correct length for you.

The 14-way top on a carry bag can divide opinion, but we really enjoyed it.

It’s not the lightest carry bag on the market but it remains comfy for the full 18 holes. The stand system is excellent and we never had any problems with the legs staying in when it was being carried and coming out easily when you want to stand it up.

If you like to carry and use a trolley, this bag has been cleverly designed for both and offers genuine versatility. It sits very nicely on a trolley, the legs stay tucked in and you don’t have to worry about it falling off. It would be great if the bag was completely waterproof, but it offers enough protection to keep everything dry in the odd shower.


The TaylorMade FlexTech Crossover bag is superb, especially if you like to carry and use a trolley without having to switch bags. It works well for both because it’s comfy to carry and the stand system works very effectively, and it fits nicely onto a trolley. The amount, variety and placing of the pockets is great.