Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket Review

Elliott Heath tests out Ping's SenorDry Pro waterproof jacket to see how it fits and performs on the golf course...

Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket
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Golf Monthly Verdict

A fantastic offering from Ping that is loaded with innovative designs and features to keep you dry and comfortable in all weathers.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Lightweight, stretch fit

  • +

    Three-year waterproof guarantee

  • +

    Ample pockets all featuring zips

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Styling and colours may not be to everyone's taste

From the moment you unpackage the Ping SensorDry Pro jacket, it is clear that it is one of the best waterproof golf jackets on the market.

This fully waterproof garment, coming with an impressive three-year waterproof guarantee, is eye-catching in its design with the front panel coming in either blue, red or black with black or grey arms.

I wouldn't say I was a massive fan of the blue/black colour I was testing but that is, of course, personal preference.

An all-black, all-navy or all-grey version would have been preferred but you will certainly stand out on the course with the blue and red options.

The jacket is made with a stretchy material and it's certainly lightweight, giving a very comfortable fit and nothing that would put you off from producing good golf swings.

An extremely comfortable part of the jacket is the cuffs, which have an elastic inner to create a snug and soft fit around your wrists.

The outer cuffs are velcro-adjustable so there is no need to worry about water seeping down your arms.

However, saying that, the adjustability could be slightly tighter on your wrists but the inner elastic wrist will stop water seeping in if you can't quite get a tight-enough fit.

Another way the jacket keeps water out is thanks to an adjustable neck cuff, which can be tightened to ensure that water doesn't run down your neck and back.

We found this to be very effective.

The SensorPro Dry jacket comes with three pockets - a chest pocket and two lower front pockets.

The lower pockets come with both zips and velcro.

This may seem like over-kill but the velcro does come in handy when you want quick access during the round for things like your golf ball, tees, pitch mark repairer and so on.

You do also get added peace of mind with the zips that everything in the pockets will stay bone dry during bad weather.

Ping SensorDry Pro jacket

(Image credit: Future)

The chest pocket is secure with a zip fixing, so that's where you may want to store valuables like your phone or a small GPS device, or simply use it as a safe place to store your scorecard.

With the lightweight, flexible materials used, the SensorDry Pro alone will not keep you sufficiently warm enough during the coldest of weathers so a base layer or mid-layer underneath is certainly required throughout the winter.

For shoulder seasons and summer, this does mean that the jacket shouldn't be too hot as it does its job in protecting you from wind and rain whilst not being a full-on winter coat as you'd expect.

How tall am I/what is my build?

I am 5'11" and of stocky build. 

What do I normally wear - does it come up big/small?

Usually a large.

How did it fit/feel/perform?

The fit was perfect for me and the lightweight, stretchy make-up of the jacket ensures a very comfortable wear.

It performs great and has no adverse affects on your golf swing. It is slightly loud during motion I would say, however.

Any extra details you notice?

The elasticated wrist cuffs are superb and certainly something I wasn't expecting.

The use of velcro and zips for the front pockets is also a nice touch.

Can you wear it off the course? 

On the whole I would say no due to my personal taste as well as the fact that it is not overly warm.

However, it would certainly do the job if you're out hiking or cycling and want something lightweight to keep the elements at bay.