Ping Norse S2 Zoned Jacket

Our verdict on the new Ping Norse S2 Zoned Jacket

Ping Norse S2 Zoned Jacket Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

On all but the wettest and coldest of days, the Ping Norse S2 Zoned jacket will serve you well - providing freedom with which to swing along with protection from the cold and wind to let you focus on the shot in hand in total comfort and looking the part out on the course. We really can't fault it.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Stylish, supremely comfortable and provides excellent protection from the wind while also being warm and water resistant.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Limited colour options available.

In this Ping Norse S2 Zoned Jacket review, Joel Tadman tests it out on the course over multiple rounds to assess the performance on offer

Ping Norse S2 Zoned Jacket Review

The golf mid-layer has to do lots of different jobs and the new Ping Norse S2 Zoned jacket ticks many, if not all the boxes a golfer is looking for.

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Firstly, we think it looks the part. We tested it in the Oxford blue colourway (it also comes in black) and the quilted top section combines neatly with the rest of the jacket while the light blue colour details ensure it pops off the shelf.


The fit is also excellent. Snug but not restrictive and we like how the arms aren’t too long to be distracting, although the elasticated cuffs ensure there’s no swing interference.

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The soft, stretchy nature of the material and the lightweight nature of the jacket overall means it’s very comfortable and easy to swing in, almost moving with you as you compelete your swing.

We were surprised at how effective it was at keeping the wind out. Testing on a blustery day, we barely felt the wind through the material, which meant it also kept us warm enough too.


The double zip at the bottom went redundant for us, but it’s there if you need a little more room around the top of your waist.

We were also wearing during a passing shower and noticed the jacket did a good job at keeping the water at bay. It's not waterproof, but should withstand a passing downpour or light rain that persists for a little longer.


The collar isn’t too high, which can be annoying, and the material has a soft texture to it as to not create irritation against your neck.

The fact the material is so thin means you can easily combine it with other layers if you want to, but with a polo shirt underneath you will find this jacket provides the protection you need on most days during winter.