Original Penguin Insulated Mixed Media Jacket Review

We take a look at this modern and stylish insulated jacket from Original Penguin

Original Penguin Jacket Review
(Image credit: Mark Townsend)
Golf Monthly Verdict

This is both a fashionable and very useful addition to your golfing wardrobe. There's so much to like about Original Penguin and this jacket is great on and off the course

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Looks spot on and sits well

  • +

    Really warm

  • +

    Great bits of detailing

  • +

    Available in navy blue and black

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Is windproof only

  • -

    It's not the cheapest but you get what you pay for

Everybody should have one of these and everybody should have a few Penguin items in their wardrobe. Some brands try very hard to be cool and some brands just get things right, like Penguin. When you have a back catalogue of fans like Frank Sinatra and Clint Eastwood then you’re off to a good start.

How tall am I/what is my build?

I'm 6"4 and average to middle-age chunky.

What do I normally wear - does it come up big/small?

Either L or XL, generally an XL for jackets and this is spot on. 

How did it fit/feel/perform?

This is the perfect jacket for plenty of temperatures. The most surprising element of this is how warm it keeps you on its own. This is done through something called ‘primaloft placement padding’ which ensures the warmth but the beauty is that it’s not bulky or heavy, quite the opposite.

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Otherwise, and I’ve not had the chance to experience this in anything like nice weather, but it should also be ideal for that late evening throw-on jacket in the summer as nothing more than just an extra layer.

It’s also very easy to swing in, with a bit of give in all the right places, and there’s no elasticated bottom which can be a constant pain in the wrong jacket when it continues to ride up.

Any extra details you notice?

This jacket is quite subtle, I’m not really a fan of anything too padded and definitely nothing on the shiny side and this just has a nice mix of patterns and textures to break it up. 

Other nice bits of detailing worth mentioning are the lining on the back of the collar and the Penguin inner lining which adds plenty of style.

I personally like to judge my golf clothing whether I could easily go somewhere else and not be given away as a golfer and this Penguin jacket has rarely been off my back.   

How does it come out after the wash/do you need to iron it?

There is a small amount of bobbling under the forearm but otherwise it washes great and there's definitely no need to get the iron out.

Original Penguin Jacket review

(Image credit: Mark Townsend)

The Penguin back story

This is a beauty. In 1955 a gentleman called Abbot Pederson had too much to drink while waiting for a flight and purchased a stuffed penguin that he named Pete. He accidentally knocked the head off the penguin, a helpful stewardess wrapped a tie around the penguin’s neck and remarked that it would look good on a shirt. Pedersen then went home and embroidered this character ‘Pete the Penguin’ on to his new shirts. Within a few years the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Clint Eastwood and Arnold Palmer were wearing Original Penguin by Munsingwear. These days you’ll be most familiar with Cameron Smith, who nearly won the 2020 Masters, in their stylish clothing.

Mark Townsend
Mark Townsend

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