In this Mizuno Winter Stretch Full Zip Jacket review, Joel Tadman tests out the performance and playability on the course

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Mizuno Winter Stretch Full Zip Jacket


  • Warm, waterproof and playable - this jacket is a great option for winter. Five colours to choose from.


  • Fabric pattern will divide opinion. No zips on the pockets.


Mizuno Winter Stretch Full Zip Jacket


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Clubhouse Golf

Mizuno Winter Stretch Full Zip Jacket Review

I tested this new outerwear piece from Mizuno on the course over multiple rounds in the Ocean Blue colourway. If you’re looking for more items to add to your winter wardrobe, be sure to check out our guides on the best golf waterproofs, best golf tops and best golf jumpers.

How tall am I/what is my build?
6 foot 2”, so relatively tall and slim.

What do I normally wear – does it come up big/small?
I’m often between medium and large with mid layers and jackets and in size large this came up marginally on the big side but only by a fraction. We’re confident a medium would have been too small. It comes in sizes S-XXL.


How did it fit/feel/perform?
Really well. Previous Mizuno jackets have had a very loose fit but this jacket is more snug where it needs to be, especially around the waist thanks to the elasticated hem – although it isn’t adjustable. It also has elasticated cuffs and neck area.

It feels super light and it’s thick enough to provide immediate warmth without feeling or looking too bulky. It definitely takes the edge off on cold days but you won’t overheat if playing on a mild winter day. It moves with you as you swing too – at no point did we feel restricted – and it feels soft all over, enhancing comfort and also ensuring it isn’t too loud when you swing.

We really like the look of the pixelated camouflage print of the outer fabric. It also repels water impressively well – we poured some water on the sleeve and it bounced off leaving no trace behind whatsoever.


Any extra details you noticed?
There are two slits on either side of the chest at the front that are presumably there to increase airflow for breathability. The fleece layer on the inside has a stepped design and the pockets at the front have a layer of soft material to improve the feel and warmth, although they don’t have zips to keep items secure.

When doing the main zip up all the way to the top, it does tend to snag on the flap behind the zip which you then have to poke with your finger to make room for it to pass – a minor inconvenience.


Can you wear it off the course?
The design is pretty bold, so if you wore it down the pub you would turn some heads. But if you were going on a hike up the mountain or on some sort of other outdoor activity in the winter away from the golf course it would likely provide all the performance you were looking for.

How does it come out after the wash/do you need to iron it?
Despite being discarded in a heap on the floor a few times, it hasn’t acquired any noticeable creases, nor does it seem like it needs to be washed often, if at all.

Mizuno Winter Stretch Full Zip Jacket Review


A stylish, comfortable jacket that we really enjoyed playing in. The all-round performance is excellent, especially how much warmth it provides without being cumbersome as well as the waterproof protection. The fit has improved considerably too, but whether you can pull off the look of the pixelated camouflage print will be player dependent!