Glenmuir & Sunderland Of Scotland SS17 Apparel Review - Jeremy Ellwood tests Glenmuir and Sunderland's Spring/Summer 2017 range in harsh conditions at Old Head Golf Links

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Glenmuir and Sunderland of Scotland SS17 Apparel


  • Simple, traditional styling will please the eyes of many. Comfortable fit and impressive performance having tested in difficult conditions. Good value for money.


  • Styling is perhaps not for the younger golfer. Waterproof jacket seemed to hold water rather than repel it, adding weight.


Glenmuir & Sunderland Of Scotland SS17 Apparel



Price as reviewed:

£44.95 (up to £109.95)

Clubhouse Golf

Glenmuir & Sunderland of Scotland SS17 Apparel Review

Tested by: Jeremy Ellwood, Hcp 6

Garments tested:

Glenmuir Colour Block Performance Polo – RRP £44.95
Glenmuir Shoulder Panel Detail Zip Neck Performance Mid Layer – RRP £49.95
Glenmuir Adjustable Stretch Golf Trousers – RRP £49.95
Sunderland of Scotland Vancouver Waterproof Jacket – RRP £109.95


A different style to some of the more modern brands, but I was pleasantly surprised by the look and feel on offer from two of golf’s older apparel brands, especially the waterproof jacket. Traditional in looks and perhaps lacks the shelf appeal of others, but I actually liked the subtle but effective use of block colours and minor detailing.


The Glenmuir trousers fitted nicely – always quite a rarity for me. The mid layer sat really well beneath the outer layer, but in just a shirt I could have gone a size smaller in the waterproof jacket as it was a touch more baggy than I was expecting.


Everything was very comfortable to wear. The shirt was very light, and its stretch properties aided mobility and seemed to allow any perspiration to escape with ease, while the mid layer’s soft fleecy lining went down a treat in the cool spring weather without causing me to overheat.


We certainly needed our waterproofs to perform in some testing conditions, and mine did. Despite not appearing as visibly repellent as some waterproofs, both jacket and trousers kept the driving rain at bay but the fact the material seemed to take on water rather than repelling it did add some weight but like I mentioned, this water didn’t get through to the layers underneath.


Everything I wore looked and performed well on our test day, I would definitely choose Glenmuir or Sunderland again in the future. The styling is perhaps suited more towards the older generation of golfer, but the performance couldn't really be faulted.