FootJoy HydroTour Trousers Review

Read Our FootJoy HydroTour Trousers Review

FootJoy HydroTour Trousers Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

An excellent pair of waterproof trousers that provide ample protection from the wet without being too bulky.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Excellent fit, lightweight and stretchy. Very good waterproof protection

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Even with the trouser leg unzipped, hard to get on/off while wearing golf shoes

FootJoy HydroTour Trousers Review

We tested the FootJoy HydroTour trousers on a soggy autumn afternoon in the UK to see how they perform.

A good pair of waterproof trousers might not be the most exciting golf-related purchase you ever make but for those who regularly play in the rain, or perhaps more commonly, in wet underfoot conditions, they can be invaluable. The best golf waterproofs are able to deal with everything that's thrown at them.

One of the stand-out features of the FootJoy HydroTour is they can either be worn over another pair of trousers or on their own. My preference throughout the winter has always been to wear waterproof trousers on their own - there is a belt loop for this and the fit is snug enough to work really well. 

Alternatively, if you are wearing them over your regular golf trousers, the side pockets feature internal zips that provide access to the trouser pockets underneath. This works well and the zips don't get in the way when closed.

FootJoy HydroKnit

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Also, because of the lightweight material used, they can easily be stored in your golf bag ready to be used whenever the weather turns.

As for waterproof protection, they performed really well in this department - but for the premium price-tag you would certainly hope so. Perhaps more impressive is the quality of the material - they certainly feel like a quality pair of waterproof trousers. They are lightweight without being flimsy and they stretch with your body as you swing and walk.

FootJoy HydroTour waterproofs

The FootJoy HydroTour waterproof suit

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How tall am I/what is my build?

I’m 6ft 2in tall and have a fairly slim build. 

How did it fit/feel/perform?

The fit is one of the best things about the FootJoy HydroTour trousers and certainly makes them one of the best waterproof golf trousers on the market. Roomy enough to wear a second pair of trousers underneath, they are also fitted enough not to be too bulky. They offered excellent protection from the wet and looked good either with the FootJoy Hybrid Insulated top or the FootJoy HydroTour waterproof jacket as pictured above.

Any extra detail you notice?

The zip that sits within the pockets to allow access to your trouser pockets underneath is a great touch. The ankle zips work well enough but we did struggle to get these trousers on while wearing golf shoes. There are also zips on the back pockets for added protection on particularly wet days.