Under Armour Storm Gore-Tex Paclite Waterproof Suit Review - Joel Tadman gives Under Armour's latest Gore-Tex waterproof offerings an extremely thorough test

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Overall rating:

Under Armour Storm Gore-Tex Paclite Waterproof Suit


  • Excellent protection from the wind and rain without sacrificing freedom of movement. Lots of nice details golfers will appreciate.


  • Slightly coarse material is fairly audible when swinging.


Under Armour Storm Gore-Tex Paclite Waterproof Suit


Price as reviewed:

£200.00 (each for the jacket and trousers)

Clubhouse Golf

Under Armour Storm Gore-Tex Paclite Waterproof Suit Review

Under Armour is fast-becoming one of the most popular golf apparel brands when it comes to polo shirts and trousers but it looks to have made a statement in the outerwear sector too with its new Storm Gore-Tex Paclite jacket and trousers.

Gore has long set the standard when it comes to waterproof protection with its Gore-Tex membrane, an unseen layer that keeps water out but allows perspiration to escape from inside for maximum comfort.

We traveled to Gore’s HQ in the US to test Under Armour’s suit in its state-of-the-art rain tower and environmental chamber, which simulate realistic rainfall and wind/temperature to various degrees respectively.


Even in their extremes, we hardly felt the wind on our body and no water got in through the suit – we were completely bone dry underneath even after a prolonged soaking. We then took it to the course back in the UK, thankfully on a windy, showery day – ideal to fully test what the suit is like in a golf environment.

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Under Armour’s Storm Gore-Tex Paclite suit also benefits from its own Storm DWR (Durable Water Resistant) finish, which ensures that water beads off the material when it lands to stop you getting cold and excess weight building up.


UA has added lots of nice, golf-specific touches to the jacket, most notably the soft foam collar, which you’re happy to let sit close to your neck to stop the rain entering inside the suit because it feels so soft.


There are also adjustable Velcro cuffs and an elasticated drawstring on the waist to help get a more tailored fit. Even with a tighter fit, don’t assume your swing will be impeded as the stretchy material allows for nearly zero restriction as you move.

This is helped by the fact it is Paclite, which means the material is incredibly thin, allowing it to be folded down compactly for storage in the smallest of spaces in your golf bag when the rain stops.

We also like how the zips clamp down to sit close to the chest and not wiggle around when you’re addressing the ball.


The matching trousers are also packed with useful features, like an elastic/Velcro adjuster on the waist as well as a popper/zip combo on the ankles to ensure they’re easy to get on and off but also stop water from entering down the tops of your shoes.

The styling is also much improved – it’s more subtle and premium this time around with flashes of UA branding up the chest. There are two colours to choose from – black and a light blue while the trousers just come in black.


The Under Armour Storm Gore-Tex Paclite jacket and trousers are excellent options for playing golf in the worst of the weather. The jacket is stylish, offers protection from all the elements and is littered with handy golf-specific features. At £200 each, they’re some of the best value outerwear garments you can buy.