Dan Parker takes the Voraus Golf Through Touch glove on a test to see how reliable the touchscreen compatibility is and what it's like to use on course.

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Voraus Golf Through Touch Glove


  • Touchscreen functionality works perfectly while the styling is sharp and modern.


  • The leather is very thick and there are a number of clumsy design features.


Voraus Golf Through Touch Glove


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Voraus Golf Through Touch Glove Review

The Voraus Through Touch Glove has been designed to allow the use of any touchscreen device out on the golf course while still wearing the glove.

It achieves this with a patent pending smartphone compatible design – basically two extra bits of material on the index finger and thumb – that allows touchscreen devices to work seamlessly while you are still wearing the glove.

As a feature, it works immaculately and we found using a touchscreen device with the glove on a very pleasant experience with our devices working with no lag or inconsistencies. We used it with our smartphone and touchscreen GPS watch and found it to be highly responsive on a range of other touchscreen devices.

The pieces of black material on the index finger and thumb allow creates the touchscreen compatibility. The black rectangle at the bottom is an unnecessary and annoying addition.

For quickly using our GPS watch – which we wear on the opposite wrist to our glove hand – being able to quickly scroll through the screen without removing the glove was a very useful, time saving feature.

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If you find yourself annoyed by a regular golf glove not working on touchscreen devices, then this might be the glove for you.

However, this glove will struggle to persuade people who don’t use touchscreen devices away from their normal glove of choice.

We found using the Voraus Golf Through Touch Glove worked at its best when we wanted quickly use our touchscreen watch.

If we take the glove’s USP out of the equation, its performance, feel and quality is a little bit clumsy.

The cabretta leather, though very soft, is incredibly thick meaning there is very little feel offered and, when compared to a standard cabretta leather glove, the Voraus Through Touch glove felt like wearing a mitten.

The glove comes with an interior wrist sweatband which, while offering a nice fit around the wrist, is an entirely necessary feature as the thickness of this glove means you’ll hand will likely be soaked through after 18 holes.

The additional black pieces of material on the index finger and thumb are obviously essential to allow the touchscreen compatibility, but they look as though they’ve been applied haphazardly and begin to get in the way when trying to grip the club.

The black rectangle on the bottom of the wrist sweatband – essentially there to advertise the company’s website – is another unnecessary addition that only adds to the awkward feel of wearing this glove.

Good as though this glove will be for someone who wears two gloves or is simply fed up of taking a glove on and off to use their phone, the Voraus Through Touch glove won’t do enough to compete with a standard cabretta leather glove for most.


While we can't fault how well the touchscreen feature works on this glove, this alone shouldn't be enough to persuade golfers away from their usual glove. If you are genuinely plagued by a glove interfering with your touchscreen devices, this is a respectable alternative. Voraus are certainly on to something and hopefully a more refined update can make this a more competitive option.