SuperSpeed Golf C Training Club Review

Can this training aid and warm up club can help you start your on your journey to more clubhead speed?

SuperSpeed Golf C Training Club Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

A great entry point for golfers looking to start overspeed training. With easy to access online instructions, this is a user-friendly and versatile training aid at a price that we think offers good value for money.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great versatility

  • +

    A good introduction to speed training

  • +

    Free online tools help guide you

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    To track speed gains, you ideally need to invest in a launch monitor

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SuperSpeed Golf C Training Club Review 

SuperSpeed Golf is a well known brand for making some of the best golf training aids that focus on increasing clubhead speed. The SuperSpeed C Training Club is the newest addition to the range and is a stand alone club that can also be used alongside the brand's other speed training products. I've already tested the brand's overspeed training through the SuperSpeed Training Set and was excited to see how this single club fit in to the brand's range of training aids. 

This training aid is marketed at those looking to start their speed training journey with a single and easy to use club. If you're intrigued by the thought of speed training, but don't want to invest in the full set of speed sticks, the C Club is an ideal starting point. You can pair the C Club with the original training set, but I'd say this club works as a great starting point on its own and can also be used as a warm up tool. You can sign up to free video training on the SuperSpeed website to help guide you through the process of how to use the club in a proper training regime. The complimentary online training was thoughtful, easy to access and provides ideal context when using the club for yourself. 

The C Club employs counterweight training that, through regular use, should help increase you clubhead speed gradually. The theory behind this counterweight training is that it alters the physics of your golf swing by significantly changing the balance point of the golf club and moves mass behind your hands. It allows for significantly faster release speed which produces much faster arm and hand speed when you get a real club in your hands.

The club is the same weight as a standard men's driver but with 70% of the weight located in the butt of the weight. To use the club, you grip below the red part of the grip where the weight is located and swing as fast as you can a number of times. The online training will also encourage you to swing both left and right handed as well as doing a few 'step-in' drills too. The idea is that, over time, this trains your muscles and brain into swinging faster. It's all part of the neuromuscular training that is made to bring out the maximum in a golfer's ability to generate clubhead speed. 

The C Training Club can be used for a whole host of things and its versatility at just $99 means it represents good value for money in my opinion. During my testing, I found it most useful as warm up club to keep in the bag at use on the first tee. I can see how this will be a fantastically useful training aid for someone looking to start neuromuscular overspeed training but, as I'm already using the overspeed training set, it felt like a step backwards. 

I also had the PRGR Portable Launch Monitor on hand to help track my clubhead speed. You can of course train without the launch monitor data, but it's very useful to have a device like this to keep track of any improvements. It'll take a while to see big gains in speed - and you'll have to really dedicate some time to the training - but as I found with SuperSpeed's other training aids, there is real speed to be gained using the equipment. If you're curious, or just want a warm up aid to help loosen you up on the first tee, the C Club is a very handy training aid worth considering. 

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