PuttOut Home Putting Studio

Joel Tadman tests out all the elements included together to see how they can improve your putting skills

PuttOut Home Putting Studio Review
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There are many elements to putting - posture, alignment, strike, club face control and pace - and the PuttOut Home Putting studio hones it all, ideal for the keen golfer looking to improve by putting the time in when practicing outside isn’t possible or enjoyable.

Reasons to buy
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    A nice mix of products that work well together in honing all the necessary skills to be a good putter. Easy to set up and pack away.

Reasons to avoid
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    Can't return the ball the entire length of the mat. Pressure Trainer is immensely frustrating!

In this PuttOut Home Putting Studio review, Joel Tadman tests out all the elements included together to see how they can improve your putting skills

PuttOut Home Putting Studio Review

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With temperatures nearing freezing at this time of year, the prospect of working on your putting like you know you should is a daunting one. Which is why, the thought of being able to do it from the comfort of your living room is mightily appealing.

One great option that affords this luxury is the PuttOut Home Putting Studio. It combines a few of Putt Out's top products, which can be bought and used separately, to create an experience that tests all facets of your putting stroke.

It starts with the Pro Putting Mat. It measures just under eight feet in length, has a stimp reading of 10 and rolls up neatly into a bag with a strap for easy transportation. The tacky surface on the underside ensures it stays in position and our testing has shown it be hard wearing and high quality. Plus it has useful lines and guides for alignment and distance games.


The next element included in the studio is the Pressure Putt Trainer, designed to simulate the exact conditions of putting into a real hole by returning the ball the same distance it would have gone past.

Hit a perfect putt and the ball will stay in hole up the curved ramp but don’t expect to experience this all too often. It’s incredibly difficult to do, which is good in a way as it really narrows your focus on achieving perfect line and pace but it is certainly a frustrating way to pass the time.

It won't return your ball all the way back to you, like the Perfect Practice Putting Mat does, but it still does a good job of rewarding good putts and punishing bad ones.

The Pro Putting gates are perfect for working on your start lines and provide immediate feedback on a poor putt by rejecting pulled or pushed efforts. The mere frustration alone will force you to start the ball online, you’ve just got to make sure the pace is correct.

For feedback on your set up position, crucial for success in putting, the studio includes a PuttOut mirror. It provides feedback on your eyeline and head position as well as your ball position in relation to your stance.

The two magnetic guides, that you can manually position on either side, encourage you to strike putts out of the sweetspot, which should lead to greater consistency. We like how the mirror comes with durable rubber casing and gentle spikes on underside to keep in place.

It all packs away into a drawstring bag too, which slides easily in to your bag for when you want to take it to the practice putting green.