PuttOUT Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set Review

Should the PuttOUT Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set be the next addition to your practice putting set up?

PuttOUT Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

Yet another fantastic addition to PuttOUT's extensive range of putting training aids. There are an almost endless amount of drills to practice with this set and it'll suit any golfer with any sort of putting stroke.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Works for any putting stroke

  • +

    Almost endless amount of drills to be done

  • +

    Works indoors and outdoors

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Instructions and drills on the packaging only

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PuttOUT Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set Review

PuttOUT's latest putting aid comes in the form of the Putting Plan Alignment Stick Set, offering golfers a way of fine tuning everything from their putting arc to their overhead alignment - is it one of the best putting aids (opens in new tab) out there right now?

This set comes with two putting gates made from aluminium with accompanying weighted rubber feet, two alignment sticks and a putting plane board. Together, these complete what we think is one of the most comprehensive putting plane tools currently on the market. You can use as much or as little of this set as you choose and, depending on what drill you're practicing, you can use just one of the gates or the full set.

We tested the set as part of the PuttOUT Tour Studio (opens in new tab), meaning we were using it alongside a PuttOUT mat and the Platinum Pressure Putt Trainer (opens in new tab). We'd highly recommend pairing this set with a putting mat of any kind to use at home, but this set is also fully transferrable onto a putting green outdoors. 

PuttOUT Alignment stick set with putter

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Moving on to how the set actually works and we've got to say that it's impressive when fully set up. By putting the alignment sticks though the gates and adding the putting plane board, you can create the perfect path and arc to practice at home. Picking from one of the four available angles - 90°, 84°, 78° or 70° - and holding the putter shaft against it makes for a very repeatable stroke. Doing this enough should make it feel second nature when you take the training wheels away and start putting on course.

That is the set at its fullest set up but there are so many more ways to use it. You could use just one of the gates in front of the putter to check your strike or you can use the two gates and one alignment stick to check alignment over the ball - the choice is yours. 

Our favourite way of using it (pictured above) is using the alignment sticks between the two gates to create a drill where we'd check out alignment at address and then whether we were starting the ball on line or not. As we've already mentioned though, there are countless drills that can be set up using this kit. 

It would be nice if PuttOUT include a book or pamphlet of drills rather than having it placed on the packaging that you'll ultimately throw out after a few weeks. But it must be said, PuttOUT's YouTube channel has a wide range of helpful drills on there to walk you through the process, so we'd highly recommend checking that out.

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