Puma PopTop Bluetooth Speaker Review

In this Puma PopTop Bluetooth Speaker review, Chris Wallace heads to the golf course to crank up some tunes

Puma PopTop Bluetooth Speaker Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

Puma and Cobra want to make golf more enjoyable and the PopTop Bluetooth speaker will do just that on the course for music fans. It packs a punch in terms of its volume and range, while also offering impressive sound quality, and it's also incredibly easy to set up and use.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    User friendly in terms of set up and use

  • +

    Powerful, clear acoustics

  • +

    Sturdy, durable design

  • +

    Impresses in terms of its features

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Sounds better outdoors than indoors

Puma PopTop Bluetooth Speaker Review

If you ask golfers who like music on the golf course why that is, the answer you get is almost always the same: it makes the game more fun. For that reason, it's no surprise that Puma and Cobra have partnered with Speaqua Sound to develop two Bluetooth speakers for golfers to choose from for their on-course music needs. After all, the Puma/Cobra marketing strategy has always revolved around making golf more enjoyable.

The two options available are the PopTop Bluetooth Speaker and the PopTop Mini, and they’re two very different products. I recently reviewed the PopTop Mini and was blown away by all it had to offer in such a diminutive package. Now it’s time to further explore the PopTop, which is a much larger and far more powerful option.

I tested the PopTop Bluetooth speaker over the course of a couple of rounds and also while practicing on a few occasions at Atlanta National Golf Club, where music on the golf course is fairly commonplace. What stood out first and foremost was how easy it was to set up and use the PopTop. Pairing the speaker with my phone was simple (and I can be technologically challenged), and the functionality of the device in terms of working through my playlist was equally painless.

Puma PopTop Bluetooth Speaker

The Puma PopTop Bluetooth speaker is equipped with a convenient metal hook that allows it to easily be attached to a golf bag.

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Where the PopTop differs most from the Mini is in terms of the sheer power it provides from a volume standpoint and the added range it offers. You can crank the PopTop up if you choose and still enjoy exceptional sound quality, although I’d always suggest being respectful of others on the course when it comes to playing music.

The PopTop also has a number of additional features that enhance its value. It has a built-in bottle opener and ball marker for use, as well as an stretchable strap that allows players to attach most phones directly to the speaker during use. There’s also a metal hook available that you can use to attach the PopTop to a golf bag and the speaker’s design allows it to sit perfectly in a cup holder of a riding cart if desired.

Also noteworthy is that the PopTop offers 10 hours of battery life before needing to be charged, which is a simple process, and it’s waterproof, dust proof, and sand proof at a rating of IP45, making it also a great option to use for other outdoor activities, such as going to the beach or the pool. And I will say that in my testing my PopTop offered much better acoustics outside than it did inside, whereas the Mini was equally good in both situations.

Puma PopTop Bluetooth Speaker

The PopTop will sit conveniently in a cup holder on a cart should you choose.

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Of course, the standard PopTop is also significantly larger and heavier than the Mini, but it’s not any larger or heavier than what you would expect from a golf speaker of this type. That said, it will add weight to the bag for walkers, as well as take up some space if you plan on storing it predominantly in your golf bag.

Overall, the PopTop Bluetooth speaker, which retails for $130, is a solid, user-friendly option for golfers to fill their on-course music needs, especially those who are looking for a powerful device from a sound standpoint. It also comes in some eye-catching colors that bring some style to the course, including bright red and a watermelon/lime green combo.

For my needs, I’d probably give the edge to the PopTop Mini based on size and indoor use, as well as its significantly lower price point. But golfers who are in the market for a Bluetooth speaker would be wise to explore both options, as they’re among the best in the category.

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