WATCH: Eddie Pepperell Stars In Hilarious LIV Golf Contract Sketch

The 31-year-old stars in the sketch where he pokes fun at both himself and the size of LIV Golf contracts

Eddie Pepperell in the LIV Golf sketch
(Image credit: Twitter/Eddie Pepperell)

There has been seemingly endless controversy concerning the LIV Golf Invitational Series, not least in the eye-watering sums of money many of its signings are reportedly receiving to sign-up.

However, while the power struggle at the game’s summit shows no sign of slowing, DP World Tour player Eddie Pepperell has found the funny side of the issue with a hilarious sketch. The sketch begins with the 31-year-old Englishman demonstrating some dubious parking skills as he pulls into a golf club.

After emerging from the car, Pepperell engages in a heated telephone discussion with who we presume is his agent over a contract as he walks towards the course, saying: “Right, where are we on this? Well of course five is a f***ing joke. Five? Seriously, what am I going to do with five?”

After summoning a caddie with a few clicks of his fingers, negotiations ramp up. Pepperell first flatly rejects another figure, then says: “Yes, at least 50. At the very least 50! In fact, 50 still feels low. Fifty is basically a drop in the ocean. You know that, I know that. Fifty is literally what they should be giving everyone. At least 50, for starters. I mean, I’m Eddie f***ing Pepperell!”

Finally, Pepperell threatens to let the other person go, saying: “If you can’t get 50 on the table in the next two minutes, you’re gone and I’ll go back to doing this stuff on my own.” After another bleeped out expletive, Pepperell paces towards the course, when the hilarious punchline is revealed.

You can watch the sketch – including its comical twist at the end – below.

In reality, Pepperell’s career money list earnings on the DP World Tour stand at a more modest €6,998,035. He also explained to Dylan Dethier on the Drop Zone podcast last month that “I don’t play golf for money” and vowed never to join LIV Golf. 

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