PureGym CEO Humphrey Cobbold attacked golf and tennis in his plea to open gyms as soon as possible...needless to say it didn't go down well with golfers


Twitter Goes Wild After Gym CEO Labels Golf ‘A Rich People’s Sport’

Yesterday was a big day for golf in England after the sport’s return was confirmed for 29th March in the government’s first phase of re-opening the country post-lockdown.

Whilst that date might not have appeased many in the golf world for being too late, some may think that golf is opening too soon compared to other things.

One industry that is desperate to re-open is the health and fitness sector, and it will be re-opening, according to the government’s plan, on 12th April.

This decision clearly didn’t go down well with PureGym CEO Humphrey Cobbold, who attacked golf and tennis in his call for gyms to re-open sooner.

“It’s all very well to hear that tennis and golf will be reopening at the end of the month, but let’s be honest, those are rich people’s sports,” the gym owner told Sky News.

Needless to say, these comments did not go down well with the golfing population.

Golf has long been trying to rid itself of the outdated and innacurate generalisation that it is for the upper classes.

The game is more accessible than ever and offers up wonderful mental and physical health benefits in a safe environment for all ages, genders and races.

Perhaps it is this outdated stereotype that has brought the game to a hault during these lockdowns.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the Pure Gym CEO’s comment:

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