The Englishman has his say on golf's dress codes and wearing hoodies on the course


Tyrrell Hatton played some magnificent golf on the way to a four-shot victory at the 2020 BMW PGA Championship that took him into the top ten of the world rankings for the first time.

But he received as many headlines for the hoodie that he chose to wear throughout the week as he did for his excellent scoring.

“I was a little surprised by the reaction,” he told Golf Monthly ahead of Wentworth, where the hoodie will be making a return.

“I wasn’t the first person to wear a hoodie, but it was great how much attention it got, although it was definitely divided! I enjoyed wearing it – it was great.

“There wasn’t too much thought to it.

“It’s very easy to swing in and it moves nicely with your body so there’s no restriction there.

“On days where it’s a bit cold and you need to layer up, you want to be able to swing freely and I was able to do that in the hoodie. I thought it was cool to wear.”

Tyrrell Hatton holds the BMW PGA Championship trophy

Hatton won the 2020 BMW PGA Championship in his now-famous hoodie

What would Hatton say to those who criticised it?

“I’d be interested to see them actually put it on and swing a golf club in it,” he said.

“I think they’d probably change their mind compared to the standard jumper that they might wear at the weekend.

“But everyone’s different, I guess. I think more relaxed dress codes can help grow the game.

“I think golf is sometimes too stuffy.

“The perfect example of that is the emails that clubs sent out after I was wearing the hoodie at Wentworth [telling members they weren’t acceptable].

“Some of them were embarrassing. I think that puts a lot of people off playing golf.

“Part of golf is socialising and getting people up to the club and having a good time together, and you’re only going to push people away by being too strict about what you can and can’t wear.”

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