With World Cup football fever in the air TaylorMade/adidas golf professionals have all been taking part in the “Keepy Uppy Challenge“, donning their golf shoes and testing their ball skills. adidas TOUR360 golf shoes are the “Lowest Shoe in Golf”, providing increased stability, better overall footwork and more consistent ball-striking.                     

Sergio Garcia kept the ball up for 121 consecutive kicks whilst wearing the shoes. Other famous faces to take part in the “TOUR360 Keepy Uppy Challenge” include Martin Kaymer, Jamie Redknapp and Tim Henman.

Ryan Lauder, EMEA marketing director of TaylorMade-adidas Golf, said: “This all started with Sergio kicking a football around during some downtime on a TV shoot in the US.

“From there, we built a whole campaign around our new footwear THiNTech technology and decided that launching around the World Cup and peak golf season, when rounds play are at their highest, would be ideal.”
You can upload a film of yourself performing “Keepy Uppys” in your adidas golf shoes to adidasgolf.eu. Garcia and the adidas will select a weekly winner who will take home a selection of fantastic adidas prizes including adidas TOUR360 shoes and the official World Cup ball – the adidas JABULANI.

For more information and to see videos of other famous faces taking on the challenge go to adidasgolf.eu

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