PowaKaddy Touch golf trolley tried and tested

Golf Monthly have tried and tested the new PowaKaddy Touch golf trolley, which moves trolley technology to a completely different level

The PowaKaddy Touch is by no means a direct replacement for the Classic Legend, but this is the most easy-to-use model currently in the range and moves trolley technology to a completely different level. We take a detailed look at the design and the practicality of the PowaKaddy Touch golf trolley:


Rather than using a roller to control speed, the handle is touch sensitive. By grabbing the handle and walking forward it will move at the speed you are moving at. A superb innovation. The trolley features a 200W motor that is whisper quiet. The new 20AH Lead Acid battery is easy to connect. This trolley, however, currently cannot hold a lithium battery.  


The main frame is chunkier than the Freeway II, predominantly to fit the new handle technology in it. It does not look quite as stylish, but the colour and shape help it to stand out. PowaKaddy's latest wheel design looks more sporty than before. The white spokes look superb next to the new trolley design, and the wheels provide plenty of grip on hilly terrain.


The handle is very comfortable thanks to a padded, rounded design. Even with a large bag full of kit the trolley was easy to steer, this was aided by not having to manually control speed. The real stand-out feature here is the way the trolley is operated. After a couple of holes you don't even have to think about it. The trolley moves and stays at the speed you are walking.


The trolley folds up and down in two easy movements. The front wheel and the bag stand folding in one movement, which is a nice extra. Not quite as compact as the Freeway II. The trolley stands upright when folded, making it easier to store in small spaces. When the wheels are removed it will easily fit into an average sized boot along with a trolley bag.


A device can be purchased that clips just below the handle to allow extras to be added onto the trolley. These add-ons include an umbrella holder, GPS holder and bottle holder. The lack of display highlights exactly what this trolley is all about. This is for those who want a stripped-back trolley with no distractions, such as measurement readings.
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