GM poll result – green fees at top venues

Golf Monthly website readers have voted on the level of pricing for top golf courses, with a large majority stating they wouldn't be prepared to pay more than £100 for the privilege of playing on a world-class course.

The results of our latest online poll have been calculated after hundreds of Golf Monthly readers gave us their views on the pricing levels for top courses around the world. The results make interesting reading, with the majority stating that more than £100 for a round at a world-class course is too much.

In answer to the question "How much would you be prepared to pay for a round at a world-class course?" readers voted as follows:

Under £60 ? 22%

£60-£100 ? 40%

£100-£150 ? 27%

£150-£200 ? 5%

Over £200 ? 6%

It is clear from voting patterns that readers are reluctant to pay high prices for the experience of playing on courses that have been graced by the top pros in recent years. Golf is one of the few sports that offers amateurs the opportunity to play at the same venues as the professionals, but it is apparent that readers are not content to pay large sums to do so ? with 62% of voters unwilling to pay more than £100.

However, there is also a cross section of readers who appear happy to pay however much it takes, and from a business point of view this might justify the prices charged by some of the most exclusive venues around the world.

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