Printed lessons £3.99 each or £19.99 for a giftpack of six lessons
Downloads at 79p for each tip or £7.99 for a full lesson


Pocketshots are “portable” golf lessons from PGA Tour qualified coaches, including Harold Swash and Golf Monthly Top25 Coach Keith Williams. Designed for use during practice or play, the printed versions fit easily into your pocket. Meanwhile, video lessons can be downloaded onto a mobile phone or iPod. There are nine printed leasons that cover putting, the swing, bunker play, golf fitness, the mental game and the short game. The four Pocketshots video lessons cover putting, the swing, the short game and the mental game.


We found Pocketshots highly portable and easy to use when you are at the range. The tips are explained in easy-to-follow steps and there is no doubt that golfers of all standards will find something they can work with. The professionals involved are all experienced and knowledgeable. Golf Monthly has no hesitation in recommending this product, which offers good value for money and will be particularly useful for those of us who find themselves hitting balls aimlessly during practice.

Available from and as well as many other other leading booksellers, golf retailers, pro shops and golf outlets.

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