Equipment guide: Irons under £400

Your equipment guide plus reviews and pictures of a selection of six new sets of irons under £400

When buying a set of irons it is not always easy to chose a set that suits your game. Then you have to decide on how much to spend. In view of these potential problems we have selected a range of different irons all under £400. Be sure to read the online reviews and browse the galleries, and keep an eye on future issues of Golf Monthly for detailed reviews of some of these sets yet to go on sale.

1. Yonex VMX irons £369 (4-SW)

The mid-size steel head and ultra thin face provide extra power and forgiveness. A triangular weighting system adds stability to help improve consistency.

Pictures: Yonex VMX irons gallery

2. Wilson Di9 irons £379 (4-SW)

A slightly wider sole and lower blade height than the Di7. The sweetspot sits between the centre and the toe of the club as 85% of shots are hit from this area. A wide tipped shaft prevents the clubhead twisting.  

Pictures: Wilson Di9 irons gallery Review: Wilson Di9 irons review

3. Nicklaus CD2 irons £249 (5-SW and two hybrids)

Deep undercut cavity irons with adjustable weights to help the direction of the ball flight. Graphite shafted, stainless steel hybrids replace the 3 and 4-irons.   

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