The 2013 Masters champion says slow play will continue until TV and sponsors take money away


Adam Scott On Slow Play: “It’s Never Going To Change”

Slow play is once again on the agenda after a painfully long final round at the Genesis Open, where most UK viewers will have likely fallen asleep during the front nine.

Just like the Pebble Beach Pro-Am a week earlier, the final groups were taking well over 2hr 30min to play nine holes, leaving fans with no option but to watch for 5+ hours to see the conclusion.

JB Holmes came under fire in particular, with a clip of him taking 1min 10secs to hit a putt doing the rounds on social media.

Holmes was slowing down play, constantly backing off of shots and having long discussions with his caddie.

Players, coaches and commentators have also been vocal about the slow play on social media and on TV.

So…will slow play on Tour ever come to an end? Adam Scott doesn’t think so.

Scott told the Golf Channel that it won’t end until sponsors and TV begin to take money away.

He also made a fair point that quick players play slowly when the conditions are tough, and you must admit that the conditions were difficult in the final round at Riviera with strong winds, sloping greens and a lot of money and world ranking points on the line.

Still, that’s no excuse for going round in 5+ hours.

“Well look, we know he’s [JB Holmes] generally a slow player. When you get conditions like this, everyone turns into a slow player,” Adam Scott said.

“We know he’s a slower player. It wasn’t affecting things. I mean, it just takes a long time to get around.

“I mean, I’ll tell you my thing on slow play is it’s never going to change.

“I think, just get over it.

“Until television and sponsors say, ‘No more money,’ slow play ain’t going to change.”

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