Silvermere Installs New Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitors

Silvermere have installed four brand new GCQuad launch monitors

Silvermere Installs New Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitors

Silvermere Golf and Leisure Complex in Surrey is one of the country’s most popular golfing facilities. By Matt Cradock

Silvermere Installs New Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitors

It currently boasts four dedicated custom fit studios, a two-tier 52-bay range, that includes specialised wedge bays for short game practice; a new all-weather putting green and an 18-hole, par-71 parkland course.

Not only that, but Silvermere has now increased its custom fitting business significantly with the addition of four GCQuad launch monitors from Foresight Sport.

For the past four years Silvermere have utilised Foresight’s GC2+ HMT launch monitors but have recently switched to the GCQuad monitor.

And so far it has seen an immediate return on its investment in its advanced fitting and coaching studios.

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Terry Sims who is the Managing Director at Silvermere said: “Upgrading to the GCQuad is yet another significant change and improvement in continuing to invest in the “best in the market” equipment for the custom fitting service we offer.”

Sims also reported that “the number of custom fit sessions have increased to on average 80-100 a week.”

“With this investment in Foresight Sports’ latest technology, we continue to offer one of the best coaching and custom fit experiences available in the UK all-year round,” Sims added.

The GCQuad is highly portable and flexible, allowing pros the option to take the units out on the course, the short game area or the putting green for coaching sessions and player performance analysis.

There are a number of ground-breaking innovations on the GCQuad, these are designed for everyday use from club fitters to world renowned coaches like Butch Harmon.

The GCQuad is designed for everyday use for club fitters to world renowned coaches like Butch Harmon. (Pictured)

Outdoor range use is as easy as ever thanks to it’s long life and changeable Lithium batteries, as well as its larger viewable screen and improved connectivity.

It also includes a barometric sensor, which provides instant changes to weather and altitude conditions for the most precise data.

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Foresight Sports Director Edward Doling said, “Terry and his team at Silvermere were one of the first major fitting and coaching venues to embrace GC2+HMT launch monitors.

“Now we’re delighted to see how the upgrade to the GCQuad monitors has enhanced the custom fitting programme further.”

One impressive feature is the personalised ‘FSX Live’ account, which allows data and analysis of every shot to be reviewed by the player and coach during and after their session.

Custom fit prices start at £20 for a putting consultation; £30 for a wedge custom fit; £40 for a wood fitting, £60 for an iron fitting and £100 for a full bag custom fit, with many options available to create the ultimate bespoke set of clubs.

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