The brand will exclusively provide bamboo golf tees as an alternative to plastic and hardwood.

Ocean Tee To Supply PGA EuroPro Tour With Sustainable Tees

It has recently been announced that Ocean Tee will be the exclusive provider of bamboo golf tees for the PGA EuroPro Tour for the 2020 season.

In a world that has become increasingly reliant on plastic, Ocean Tee has looked to address this problem in the world of golf by providing strong and sustainable bamboo golf tees as an alternative to plastic ones and also traditional hardwood tees.

Bamboo is an ideal material to use here because it is incredibly strong whilst also being flexible. This means it is more durable and is less likely to snap or break than traditional wooden tees. Importantly, it is also a type of grass which means it grows incredibly quickly so stocks replenish just months after harvesting whereas many of the current hardwoods used for golf tees take decades.

The tees are also packaged in a recyclable matchbox which means the brand has created a plastic free low-cost solution to this very real problem.

Importantly they have now partnered with the PGA EuroPro Tour to be the exclusive provider of golf tees for the Tour which shows the commitment to environmental responsibility from both brands.

Ed Sandison, Managing Director of Ocean Tee said, “It is fantastic to see commitment on this scale from an established and high-profile organisation. It is our mission to build a brand that pushes sustainability to the forefront of the European golf industry and we hope that the PGA EuroPro Tour’s focus on this area is going to lead the way for other clubs, operators and organisations”.

Dan Godding, Chief Executive Officer of the PGA EuroPro Tour said, “Partnering up with Ocean Tee made perfect sense for us as soon as I got my hands on the tees. We’re doing everything we can on the Tour to improve our carbon footprint. We hope this is the next step to changing the world of sport and its outlook on the environment”.

Ocean Tee also donates 25% of its corporate profits to charities that focus on plastic pollution and protecting marine environments.

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