A former lady captain at Broome Manor Golf Club in has completed the par-3 hole-in-one clean sweep after recording a one at the 15th hole in September.

It was Sue Silto’s second hole-in-one of the year and her fourth overall at the Swindon club.

Her hole-in-one collection started some 13 years ago in August 1999, when she holed a 9-iron at the 111-yard sixth hole.

Three years later, her 8-iron at the 130-yard 11th settled in the bottom of the cup.

Sue suffered a relative slump, in terms of holes-in-one, for the next ten years, but she returned to her former glory a the club championship in July.

The 15th hole, at 170 yards, is the longest of the par 3s at Broome Manor, but that didn’t bother Sue. She pulled out a 7-wood, hit a great shot and watched in awe as her ball found its way into the hole.

Not satisfied with three holes-in-one, she proceeded to hole a 9-wood at the 140-yard third hole on September 16, completing the set.

Congratulations to Sue on a simply astonishing feat.