Irishman wins 2015 Mediocre Golf World Championship

Mike McMorrow is the first overseas winner of the belt

Mike McMorrow won in his second attempt at the title in Las Vegas.

Mike McMorrow can rightfully call himself the world's most average golfer after clinching the 2015 Mediocre Golf World Championship in Las Vegas.

Irishman McMorrow, competing in a 171-man field, worked overtime to be able to attend the tournament for the second time and won the trophy thanks to rounds of 86 and 87.

The Mediocre Golf Association was created in 2006 by Jon "Lucky Kick" Morley and "Straight" Willie Dills. Average golfers from around the world are encouraged to take part in the event, pitting their skills against other golfers whose ability leaves something to be desired.

With 1500 members around the world, the Mediocre Golf Association holds eight stroke play tournaments from March to October. There are currently 70 chapters, with each chapter holding their own version of the event before the best travel to Nevada for the winner's belt.

McMorrow's first attempt to win the belt in 2013 saw him shoot consecutive rounds of 122 and somehow lose his trousers along the way.

The factory worker from Swanlinbar was in considerably better form this year, winning the belt in a play-off against Patrick Gibbons from Phoenix.

McMorrow, who visited the MGA headquarters in the wake of his prestigious victory, is also the first man outside of America to win the belt.

The MGA's mission statement is worth a read in its entirety, so here it is:


The Mediocre Golf Association is the official golf association for the other guys. Our goal is to unite golfers all over the world and allow them to play the game of golf as it was intended. Badly.

The MGA does not discriminate with handicaps; it encourages players of all skill levels, except those with skill levels higher than ours. If you are a good golfer, move along, there's nothing for you to see here. If you are everyone else on the planet, you've found your people.

Welcome. Enjoy your stay and remember that golf is fun, especially when you're mediocre.


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