Seen the Polaris World TV adverts featuring Jack Nicklaus? Keen to try out the Nicklaus designed Polaris World golf courses, and to indulge in the whole Polaris World experience in sunny Murcia, Spain? Well the good news is that you don’t have to buy a Polaris World property yourself to do this, because you can now rent an apartment, townhouse or villa on one of the Polaris World resorts directly from the property owner at Polaris World property rentals website

Renting a property on any Polaris World resort also entitles you to access all of the benefits and features that Polaris World offer on any of their resorts. And there is even a free shuttle bus to take you from one resort to another. This means that you can hit the “Jack Nicklaus Trail” and play any, or all of the 4 Jack Nicklaus designed golf courses that are currently open on the various Polaris World resorts in the area.

It also means that you, and your family or friends, also have access to the bars, restaurants, clubs, swimming pools and spas on any Polaris World resort while you are renting. Golfing Paradise indeed!

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