Graeme McDowell's Short Game Masterclass

The digital magazine covers every aspect of the short game, from putting to pitching

The digital magazine covers every aspect of the short game, from putting to pitching.

Graeme McDowell's Short Game Masterclass

Graeme McDowell's Short Game Masterclass, Cleveland and Srixon's digital magazine, is full with tips and the latest gear to improve your game - click here to access.

The Northern Irishman takes you through each aspect of his short game, from putting to bunker play, and offers advice on how to make the most of difficult lies.

In the pitching masterclass section, McDowell shows you how to approach shots from 80 yards, including the feel shot, and encourages you to use the bounce.

He also discusses the 100 and 120 yard shots, with tips on how to play the chest high shot too.

In the bunker play section, McDowell covers set up and his tips for escaping sand, including maintaining loft.

Videos of McDowell performing some of the shots he's discussing can be found throughout the magazine.

The short game part of the magazine covers the flop shot, the bladed chip and the hybrid chip. More video content and diagrams help to teach you what's required.

McDowell also covers putting, specifically breaking putts and how to approach them.

The product showcase gives in-depth details on the latest balls and clubs from Srixon and Cleveland respectively.

There are profiles on the Srixon AD333 Tour balls, the Z-Star and Z-Star XVs and the Soft Feels.

Some of Cleveland's latest wedges are showcased - the 588 Heritage and 588 RTX, with details on loft and bounce and traditional and cavity designs.

Finally, two amateur golfers are featured at the Cleveland Golf and Srixon Centre of Excellence at Studley Wood GC in the Wedge and Ball Fitting section.

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