The current coronavirus pandemic has forced golf clubs and golfers to act more cautiously both on and off the course

How Golf Clubs Are Combatting Coronavirus

The worldwide coronavirus epidemic is currently forcing people to live their lives more cautiously, with measures in place like self-isolation and social distancing.

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Courses are closed in countries like Italy, France and Spain due to nationwide lockdowns but we’ve also seen reports that courses are closed in Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Cyprus.

In the UK, we’re lucky that our courses are still open but there are lots of preventative measures being taken to try and keep everybody safe.

From what we’ve seen, here are a number of things that different golf clubs across the UK are doing –

– Banning players from taking the flagstick out to avoid touching it

– A great initiative we’ve seen comes from St Annes Old Links where greenkeepers have fitted cups upside-down to help reduce contact

Watch the video below:

Update: This trend has continued in the UK, Ireland, America and elsewhere where golf courses are still open. Here is another great video we liked –

And another:

– Removing flags from the practice putting green

– Here’s another putting green initiative that has caught our eyes from Richter GC in Connecticut, USA, featuring a raised cup –

– Allowing golfers to change shoes in the car park

– Closing clubhouses

– Keeping clubhouses open but only keeping the locker rooms and changing facilities open

– Fitting hand sanitiser units inside clubhouses

– Keeping payment to contactless only

– Allowing online bookings only

– Ensuring that buggies are not shared and are wiped down after use

– Taking away rakes in bunkers to avoid touching

– Labelling bunkers as GUR, another way to avoid players touching rakes

– Banning the use of ball washers

– Banning the use of bins

– Banning handshakes

– Capping the number of people allowed in the pro shop at one time

Update: Many professional shops are now closing due to stricter government guidelines

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Whilst all of this will surely help slow the spread of the coronavirus, it may be inevitable that the UK goes into a lockdown scenario similar to what we’ve seen across the continent.

We, as golfers, can only hope that situation doesn’t happen as, speaking as a non-medical expert, the golf course is a very safe place to be where self isolation and social distancing can easily be applied.

Latest: Coronavirus and Golf

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