Davis Love III Hints PGA Tour Players Could Boycott Majors

The two-time Ryder Cup captain suggested loyal players may refuse to play with LIV Golfers at Majors

Davis Love III fears PGA Tour players may refuse to play should LIV Golf players be allowed to participate in Majors
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Davis Love III is predicting a big showdown in court to decide the direction that the game will go in with LIV Golf part of the landscape. And even if LIV wins, that could lead to even more upheaval, with players refusing to play with each other even potentially on the horizon.

The Presidents Cup captain and former Ryder Cup skipper feels that players are being made promises that won’t come true, but after trying to stop a number of players joining the Saudi-backed series, only to see them go anyway, sometimes having lied to him about their intentions, he’s given up trying.

“I just threw my hands up,” Love told Sports Illustrated’s Michael Rosenberg. “They’re getting told so many things that aren’t true. You can’t convince them otherwise.”

The 1997 PGA Championship winner wonders if the players realise what they are risking - the chance to play in Ryder Cups, Presidents Cups, and potentially Major championships too, believing that LIV CEO Greg Norman has overpromised what the future holds.

He told Sports Illustrated: “Some of them understood it. Some of them think they are going to court or whatever and are going to prevail, and they’re gonna get to come back. What they don’t seem to understand is that players make the rules. So we can strengthen the rules rather than loosening the rules, right?”

Love said that a Tour player has told him LIV will sue the PGA Tour imminently, though he wonders why legal proceedings haven’t already started if that is the case Talking about his source, Love told Sports Illustrated: “He has heard LIV will sue the PGA Tour next week for the right to allow LIV players to compete in the Tour’s upcoming FedEx Cup playoffs, but then he wonders why LIV hasn’t sued by now, and also why LIV is so convinced it can win this fight.”

If there is a court case, even if LIV Golf prevails, Love fears that may not be the end of the matter. In fact, says Love, that could lead to the most dramatic action of all.

“Well, here’s the biggest lever,” Love told Sports Illustrated. “And it’s not the nice lever. But if a group of veterans and a group of top current players align with 150 guys on the Tour, and we say, ‘Guess what? We're not playing,’ that solves it, right? If LIV guys play in the US Open, we’re not playing. If they sue in court, and they win, well, we’re not playing. You know, there won't be a US Open. It's just like a baseball strike.”

Asked why Norman is so determined to compete against the Tour rather than work with it, Love told Sports Illustrated: “Greed,” adding, “He doesn’t like our system and wants it to be his system.”

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