Ben Hogan To Make Dramatic Return To The Golf Equipment Market

Over a year after apparently shutting for good, the legendary golf equipment brand is on the comeback trail once more

Ben Hogan To Make Dramatic Return To The Golf Equipment Market
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Ben Hogan Golf equipment is making another comeback - a little more than a year after seemingly closing down for good.

In June 2022, on the 25th anniversary of the legendary player’s death, the brand shut its doors for what many thought would be the last time after its majority shareholder filed for bankruptcy and Ben Hogan lost all of its funding - a knock-on effect of the Covid pandemic.

But a saviour has been found in the form of Golf Brands Inc. - the company behind the recent relaunches of famed golf brands MacGregor Golf, RAM Golf, and Zebra Golf.

Golf Brands Inc. purchased the license from previous owner Perry Ellis in late September, and Ben Hogan is ready to start selling its clubs direct to consumers once again.

“We are honored to be entrusted with the Ben Hogan brand,” said Simon Millington, CEO of Golf Brands Inc. and the man who moved quickly to secure a deal for the historic company.

“As we drive Ben Hogan Golf into the future, we will remain inspired by the legacy and values of Mr. Hogan while ensuring our equipment meets the demands of today’s modern golfer.”

The new-look Ben Hogan brand has vowed to provide options for “golfers seeking the highest quality golf equipment at roughly half the price of what they’re are used to paying.”

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

Speaking to MyGolfSpy back in October, Millington said: “We want people wowed when they get their product. That’s the respect we want to earn. We have to earn it.

“We have to get the product right. That’s the thing that drives us. Quality matters, and then it’s about elevating the brand. But to do that we’ve got to get the product right.”

Before being forced to shut up shop in 2022, Ben Hogan products were still performing well and holding their own in the market - although well below the top-five OEMs. Products like the PTX Pro, Icon irons and Equalizer wedges were among the best Ben Hogan golf clubs around but the brands had options for every club in the bag.

And while it is unlikely to disrupt the top dogs on its latest triumphant return, fans of the Hogan brand will not care as they move to pick up any new club their heart desires once more.

Jonny Leighfield
Staff Writer

Jonny Leighfield is our Staff Writer, joining Golf Monthly just in time for the 2023 Solheim Cup and Ryder Cup. He graduated from the University of Brighton with a degree in Sport Journalism in 2017 and has since spent almost five years as the sole sports reporter at his local newspaper. The self-proclaimed ‘worst golfer in the office’ still enjoys playing as much as he can and is hoping to reach his Handicap goal of 18 at some stage. He attended both the 150th and 151st Opens and is keen to make it an annual pilgrimage.