The Ben Hogan Icon irons are aimed at confident ball-strikers in search of a classic aesthetic and a smooth feel. Neil Tappin tests the latest version to see how they perform.

Product Overview

Ben Hogan Icon Irons


  • The classic looks are combined with a soft feel through impact. Easy to flight. Thin soles get through the turf easily to help with crisp ball striking.


  • Thin toplines will be too intimidating for many mid and high handicap golfers. Limited face-to-face fitting options.


Ben Hogan Icon Irons


Price as reviewed:

£700.00 (4-PW)

Clubhouse Golf

Ben Hogan Icon Irons Review

Within the golf equipment market, Ben Hogan is a brand name with a rich history. Over recent years however, it has undergone an important change with its products now predominantly sold online.

One of the Ben Hogan golf club franchises that many golfers will recognise is the Icon iron model, aimed at confident ball-strikers in search of classic looks, a smooth feel and maximum control.

We wanted to find out what to expect from the performance of the latest version so we put them through their paces at West Hill Golf Club using a SkyTrak launch monitor.

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Of course, it is in the looks and feel department that the Ben Hogan Icon irons excel. With its sleek lines, minimal graphics and thin toplines, the Icon is truly aspirational, especially when it comes to the shelf appeal.

Icon Irons at address

The Ben Hogan Icon 7-iron at address

Anyone investing in a set as sleek as this will want a smooth feel and these certainly did not disappoint. The soft, forged feel that comes from shots struck from the middle is something every golfer will want to experience.

It is worth noting that for those after a more forgiving look and performance, there are other options in the range, notably the Ben Hogan PTx Pro which still offer refined looks and feel.

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The launch monitor data below shows how the 7-iron performed during our testing using a Dynamic Gold S300 shaft.

At 34˚, the Ben Hogan Icon 7-iron has a very traditional loft which we thought gave a confidence-inspiring appearance down behind the ball and we found the Icon very easy to flight with generous spin numbers and plenty of stopping power.

Hogan irons v sole

The v-shaped sole should help the Icon irons get through the turf

One of the most important aspects to any players iron is how the club gets through the turf. We tested these irons on a wet day in January and the quality of strike on offer was very impressive. The V sole design seems to help the club get through the turf and deliver the sort of crisp contact that confident ball-strikers are looking for.

Any golfer thinking of investing in a set of Ben Hogan irons will be drawn to the promise of traditional looks and feel. The Icon model certainly delivers in this department and for those who strike the centre of the club more often than not, the Ben Hogan Icon irons are well worth considering.


The Ben Hogan Icon irons sit squarely in the ‘players’ end of the market, delivering premium looks and feel. The toplines may be thin but there is plenty of loft to look down on which helps inspire confidence. Better ball-strikers in search of maximum control will certainly enjoy the performance.