Our verdict on the Ben Hogan Equalizer II Wedges as we take them out on course for an extensive test.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Ben Hogan Equalizer II Wedges


  • A classic-looking wedge that feels and performs really well - with subtly attractive aesthetics. At a relatively low price, to boot.


  • Hogan won’t personalize them with your initials or custom trim colors, like other brands.


Ben Hogan Equalizer II Wedges


Price as reviewed:

£125.00 (per wedge)

Clubhouse Golf

Ben Hogan Equalizer II Wedges Review

The previous Equalizer wedges were pretty great, when it came to performance. And now this sequel continues the Hogan tradition of clean, classic and elegant styling but with even better performance and attention to detail.

It’s forged from soft 1025 carbon steel, which yields an intangible feel and feedback that investment cast wedges don’t generate. Slightly larger than its predecessor, this also has a bigger effective hitting area.

Discretionary weight from the clubhead perimeter was taken away to instead optimise the progressive Center of Mass. In the lower-lofted gap wedges, it’s located much higher on the face to create a more penetrating, controllable trajectory.

Then it moves lower in the sand and lob wedges, providing progressively higher trajectories. Ultimately, it gives you more flight control.

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The Ben Hogan Equalizer II Wedges are also available in a chrome finish

Then there’s the sole – coined “V-Sole” – that combines a high-bounce leading edge with a lower-bounce trailing edge. This helps the wedge more effortlessly glide through turf and minimizes the impact that sidehill or downhill lies have on effective loft.

Three of the lofts – 50, 54 and 58 – are also offered with a “Texas Grind” sole that features extreme toe and heel relief that makes it easy to pick shots clean off tight lies and allows you to lay the clubhead wide open to eliminate chunked shots. We tried chipping shots on thin grass with the standard sole and were not disappointed.

The wedge is available in even-numbered lofts from 48 through 62 degrees in both traditional nickel-chrome and “Diamond Black Metal” finishes for righties, and a more limited selection for lefties. When you order these right from the company, just specify your lie, length and shaft material.

In our testing, we were able to achieve plenty of tight backspin on the greens – with not a lot of release. That’s handy when you want to directly attack the pin. The face is CNC-milled, and the surface is finely textured between the aggressive U-shaped grooves – ideal to further enhance spin.


The high level of craftsmanship is evident. The wedges look, feel and perform exactly as you would expect - and the price is lower than models from the bigger names.