Augusta National Reveals Yardage Of Newly Lengthened 13th Hole

Azalea has had 35 yards added to its length ahead of the 2023 Masters

Augusta National 13th Hole
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Following years of speculation, it was confirmed last September that the 13th hole at Augusta National had finally been lengthened, with an aerial image from Eureka Earth showing that the tee set had been moved back significantly following work that began last July.

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Now there is confirmation that the famous dogleg left Azalea, which has regularly been cited in the driving distance debate, will stretch to 545 yards for the 2023 Masters, up from 510. That news will be welcomed by many as the shorter length had allowed the game’s biggest hitters to gain a significant advantage by driving over the trees and cutting the corner. 

The news, which comes in the 2023 Masters media guide, marks the culmination of speculation that has circulated for years on the hole’s imminent lengthening. That began when Augusta National purchased land behind the 13th tee from the neighbouring Augusta Country Club in 2017. Even though the anticipated change didn't come straight away, Google Earth imagery from 2020 showed that a service road was being built on the land, which heightened expectations work to lengthen the hole was planned. 

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Then, last March, there was indeed news of course changes in time for The Masters, but instead of the 13th being given extra yardage, the 11th and 15th holes were lengthened instead, adding 35 yards to the overall length of the course. Nevertheless, there was a sense that it would only be a matter of time before the work was carried out, and confirmation that had taken place duly came last September. 

While some of the game’s most ambitious drivers may need to rethink their approach to Azalea, the hole remains the shortest – just – of the four par 5s at the course. It comes in five yards shorter than the 15th, 25 yards shorter than the eighth and 30 yards shorter than the second.

Timeline Of Changes To The 13th Hole At Augusta National

  • 1954: Contours of green changed and bunker rearranged. 
  • 1958: Byron Nelson Bridge dedicated. 
  • 1967: Masters tees extended forward five yards. 
  • 1974: Masters tees extended to rear five yards. 
  • 1975: Masters tees extended to rear seven yards. Green rebuilt and recontoured. 
  • 1988: Swales to left and rear of green moderated. 
  • 1994: First permanent air system installed at green. 
  • 1995: Creek in front of green modified. 
  • 2002: Masters tees moved back 20-25 yards. 
  • 2010: Seven yards added to the front of the Masters tees without necessitating a change in length to the hole. 
  • 2023: Masters tees moved back 35 yards.
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