Are These New PXG Woods The Best Value Clubs On The Market Right Now?

Do PXG's new 0211 range of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids represent some of the best value on the market right now?

Are these the best value for money metalwoods on the market right now?
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While prices of golf clubs have managed to stay fairly steady through both a global pandemic and a cost of living crisis ( far anyway), there's no doubt the economic squeeze has left many golfers with less disposable income. With that in mind, one of the first things I do when a new range of clubs is launched is to check the recommended retail price (RRP). Call me boring, but it's certainly something a lot of golfers are keenly aware of, especially now. 

When news reached us that PXG would be launching a new version of its' popular 0211 metalwoods, I wondered whether they would retain their hugely competitive price-tag. We tested the previous generation PXG 0211 driver and were really impressed by the all round playability. It may not have been the longest driver we hit all year but it was easy to launch, had plenty of forgiveness and was long enough to make it a real contender during our best golf drivers product testing. With sleek aesthetics and coming from an aspirational brand, the 0211 metalwoods stood out in the value for money stakes.

And so, onto the new version. First and foremost, I was pleased to see the price hovering at a similar level to last time. The question is, with an RRP of $299 for the driver in particular and $249 for the fairway wood and hybrid, are we looking at some of the best value new golf clubs on the market right now? Interestingly, these prices also include fitting, either in person or online, which will no doubt add to the overall desirability of the product.

Let's take a deeper dive to see what new technology is at play within the new PXG 0211 metalwoods.

The new PXG 0211 driver view from the sole and above

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PXG 0211 Driver

As with many of PXG's products, it comes with a stealthy black finish with the large PXG logo on the sole of the club offering the one hint of color. The matt black crown of the driver is modern but the shape of the head is classic. Importantly, it seems to have retained that same aspirational look of the previous generation - the all black finish increases the overall desirability of the looks, matching that of the new Titleist TSR2

Interestingly, PXG has done away with a moveable weight on the driver and instead opted for a body design that optimizes the center-of-gravity position to create a high moment of inertia which will likely provide good forgiveness off the face. There is some adjustability via the hosel however, which can change the loft by (+/-) 1½ degrees to optimize the trajectory. 

The PXG 0211 fairway wood view from the sole and above

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PXG 0211 Fairways & Hybrids

The story is very similar throughout the fairway wood and hybrid - sleek looks and a seemingly high build quality. Unlike the driver however, there is no hosel adjustability on either the fairway wood or hybrid, perhaps a cost saving measure that might hinder it versus the other best fairway woods and best hybrids currently on the market. The shape of both the fairway and hybrid offer an interesting interpretation too. Both golf clubs feature an optimized squared face design that shifts the perimeter skirt more vertical, increasing the surface area to allegedly boost forgiveness significantly. The RRP of $249 for a fairway wood or hybrid doesn't represent such a big saving as with the driver, so both will have to stack up significantly performance-wise. 

The true value seems to be coming from the 0211 driver which can be fully fitted, offer adjustability and delivered to your door for under $300. In this market, that's a huge potential win for the average golfer. We'll have our full reviews of the new 0211 range coming very soon so keep an eye out to see what sort of performance you can expect on course for these seemingly competitive prices. 

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