Arccos Launches Revolutionary Strokes Gained Club Analysis

The groundbreaking new feature allows players to see which clubs in their bag are gaining or costing them strokes on the course

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Arccos, the pioneers of data analysis and artificial intelligence for golf, has announced a revolutionary new product feature titled: Strokes Gained By Club. This groundbreaking new feature allows players to see which clubs in their bag are gaining or costing them strokes on the course, and to make more informed purchasing and set-up decisions via head-to-head product comparisons.

The term "Strokes Gained" is often used on television coverage as a means to demonstrate why a Tour player is playing well, or perhaps, not so well. That level of insight can now help millions of amateurs across the world; all with the common goal of getting better.

Set to premiere in April for all users of the Arccos Caddie app, Strokes Gained by Club represents the first time that personalized advanced analytics has been applied to on-course equipment performance.

It was Einstein that said: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result" and as golfers, we're all too guilty of that. This new system allows golfers to tailor their approach to playing the game so they can make conscious decisions which will ultimately see them improve. 

Strokes Gained by Club was built by Arccos’ in-house data and engineering teams, which leveraged the company’s dataset that includes more than 500-million shots and billions of related data points recorded during over 10-million rounds played by Arccos members.

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Designed for use by golfers of all skill levels, Strokes Gained by Club assesses equipment performance versus the target handicap a player selects, thereby offering a precise view of which clubs are contributing to better scoring, and those that are holding them back. Among the key applications of this tool are the ability for a player to easily compare their performance with a current club to a prospective purchase (i.e. Driver A vs. Driver B), or determine the impact of a set-up adjustment (i.e. loft, face angle, shaft, grip). No more guessing game at the driving range.

"As coaches, we’re always working to identify how to help students improve their performance as efficiently as possible,” said Erika Larkin, Arccos Ambassador, PGA Professional and one of the Golf Digest 50-Best Teachers in America. “Until now, we never had a tool that allows us to use on-course data to quickly and easily pinpoint the need for equipment adjustments. This will be a huge asset when it comes to focusing instruction and consistently setting players up for success.”

A technological introduction that is sure to take the golfing world by storm. After all, it's a continuation to a product that has helped Arccos Caddie members, who played at least 10-rounds, lower their handicap index by an average of 5.78 strokes in 2021. Who doesn't want that? 

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