Arccos Launches Golf Ball Data Capture And Analysis System

Golf's first artificial intelligence platform has just been given another upgrade...

Arccos Launches Golf Ball Data Capture And Analysis System
(Image credit: Arccos Golf)

Arccos, the pioneer of artificial intelligence in golf, has now added another unique feature to its market-leading product. For the first time, Arccos Caddie app users around the world will be able to track and compare performance across different balls thanks to the new golf ball data capture and analysis system.

This latest update means users now have the option at the start of each round to select the make and model of their chosen ball. And it's all been designed around a simple user interface that includes a default option, before the system then tracks player performance with specific ball types to fuel future analysis.

Arccos Launches Golf Ball Data Capture And Analysis System

Inputting your ball data couldn't be simpler

(Image credit: Arccos Golf)

“This is the initial step in our process of analysing how a player’s ball selection may impact every aspect of their game, from equipment choices to club selection and even in-play strategy,” said Dave LeDonne, Arccos’ Vice President of Product.

“It’s enabling the smartest system in golf to become even smarter by helping unlock true golf ball performance comparisons based on real, on-course shot data rather than what’s captured on a range or in a simulator.”

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In addition to inputting the make and model of ball, Arccos loyalists will also be able to identify their round as being played under ‘casual’ or 'tournament’ conditions. The latter automatically enables Arccos’ ‘Tournament Mode’, making the system’s use permitted under The Rules of Golf. This allows players and their coaches to more easily compare how they play under pressure, so they can take their game from guessing to knowing.

Arccos Launches Golf Ball Data Capture And Analysis System

Arccos users can now identify whether they're playing a casual or competitive round

(Image credit: Arccos Golf)

It's the latest in a long line of innovations from golf's first artificial intelligence platform. Arccos Caddie automatically tracks your shots while delivering in-round insights and post-round Strokes Gained Analytics. The system includes the world’s first A.I.-powered rangefinder, smart club distances and caddie advice for every golf hole on earth.

Such is its popularity that members have recorded an astonishing eight million rounds and nearly 500 million shots with the system, while playing courses in 194 countries. This feeds the world’s largest on-course data set, which now includes 35 billion separate data points that are analysed to help golfers perform their best. In 2020, the average new Arccos member improved their handicap by 5.02 strokes.

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