The Scottish Golf Union (SGU) has moved to formalise the selection process for the men’s national teams and squads.

The document outlines the criteria, timeline and process to be used for the selection of players to all SGU men’s training squads and to represent Scotland in identified teams and competitions.

For the first time, there are opportunities both through the World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) and the SGU Men’s Order of Merit (OOM) for automatic selection.

To fulfil the automatic selection criteria, a player must be in both the SGU OOM top-15 and in the top-15 Scots on the WAGR on the selection date, as well as meeting the performance criteria outlined.

The selection policy puts the onus on players for their performances, ensuring that potential as well as achievement remains a key factor in the process of selection for the National Squad Programme.

Steve Paulding, Scottish Golf Performance Manager, said: “We recognise that selection and de-selection for National Squads and Teams can be a difficult area.

“We are continually reviewing our systems and processes with the aim to ensuring as far as possible that criteria being used for selection or de-selection are clear to all involved – players, parents and coaches.”

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