A stunned four-handicaper has become only the second player in golf’s recorded history to card two holes-in-one on par 4s during the same round.

James Longland, 50, achieved the astonishing feat during a Turkey Stableford competition at Breedon Priory Golf Club in Derbyshire on Wednesday.

The first of the hole-in-ones came on the par-4 8th hole, which measured 242 yards on the day.

“The 8th is on the top of the hill, going down into a bowl, with out of bounds right and left and water short of the green,” said James.

“I knocked a Taylor Made Burner down there, it landed just past the pin, came out of its pitch mark, started rolling back towards the pin and vanished.”

His hole-in-one also happened to be sixth of his golfing career and, sensationally, his second at Breedon Priory’s par-4 8th.

“It was fantastic achievement, but my immediate though was ‘great, five points!'”

Menwhile, James’s playing partner, Maggie Jowett, was struggling to contain herself.

“She was jumping for joy, she was going absolutely barmy. You’d think she’d been on drugs her whole life, she was absolutely wild.

“The funny thing was on the tee I’d mentioned to Maggie about getting a hole-in-one here the first time I played the course, and she said ‘go on, go and get another one!'”

James struggled to compose himself on the 9th, but proceeded to play holes 10-13 in two-under-par.

Next up was the 238-yard par-4 15th hole, which features out of bounds left and water right.

“The pin was at the back, and I hit the same club again. My drive was straight at the pin all the way, it never deviated at all,” said James.

“We saw it drop on to the green, and I actually thought I’d knocked it too long. We got to the green, and we could see where the ball had pitched, and the dampness where the ball had run towards the hole.

“I went and had a look round the back, but Maggie lifted the flag out and said ‘it’s in!’ It was such a surreal moment and I was in complete shock. I actually got very emotional at that point – it reduced me to tears.

“At that point you really did need to taser Maggie, because she was going absolutely barmy! I signed the ball and gave it to her as a present, because she’s leaving the club at the end of the year.

“It was just absolutely fantastic. I played the BWM PGA pro-am with Pablo Larrazabal a couple of years ago, but this was easily my greatest golfing moment.”

The odds of achieving two holes-in-one on par 4s during the same round are more than 100,000,000/1.

“The captain, the professionals and club captains are just over to moon. It’s surreal and humbling. To be honest, I’m just trying to contain myself,” he added.