England Golf appoint coaches for new junior programme

New coaches selected to spearhead new programme

Nigel Edwards

England Golf is revamping its under 16 boys regional coaching programme from September and has named the ten experienced golf coaches that will spearhead the scheme.

England Golf Director of Coaching, Nigel Edwards, has increased investment in to the existing regional coaching programme and ensured the number of contact days with selected players will be extended.

"It was a tough recruitment process and the competition was very strong," said Edwards.

"We have the opportunity to increase our investment in regional coaching and it was imperative that we identified the right coaches to take the programme to the next level.

"Our national squads and England teams will prosper with more players progressing at a younger age."

The ten coaches recruited and the coaching regions they have been allocated are:

Kendal McWade - North Region

Steven Robinson - Yorkshire Region

Peter Barber - North West Region

David Brooks - West Midlands Region

Lysa Jones - East Midlands Region

Rob Watts - Thames Valley Region

John Jacobs - South West Region

John Noble - South Region

Steven Orr - South East Region

They will undergo an induction and training weekend in September before joining the regional management team to identify their squad for the winter training ahead.

Boys demonstrating the required talent and promise will have the opportunity to apply to join the regional coaching programme over the coming weeks.