'A Total Clown Show' - Pro Criticises PGA Tour Champions Cart Policy

Paul Goydos says the use of carts on the PGA Tour Champions puts him at a "competitive disadvantage"

Paul Goydos takes a shot during the 2023 Chubb Classic
Paul Goydos says carts on the PGA Tour Champions put him at a "competitive disadvantage"
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Paul Goydos has ignited a debate on the cart policy of the PGA Tour Champions, claiming it puts him at a competitive disadvantage.

Carts are permitted on the Tour, with some restrictions. However, the 58-year-old doesn’t use one. He took to Twitter to argue that the use of carts by others on the Tour is unfair and that PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan has been weak on the issue.

In the now-deleted tweet, he wrote: “I am now at a competitive disadvantage walking on the @ChampionsTour. If the PGA Tour had a commissioner that had an ounce of leadership skills he would ban them (I’m fine with ADA exceptions). It’s a total clown show.”

Goydos, who famously shot 59 at the 2010 John Deere Classic, then responded to several tweets in his replies, expanding on his complaint. One person wrote: “Use a cart if you feel it gives an advantage,” but the two-time PGA Tour winner explained: “Understand your point. As a player that thinks you shouldn’t allow them I would be hypocritical to take one during tournament rounds. My mother taught me that 2 wrongs don’t make a right.”

He also explained that he’d seen players take advantage of the fact they were using a cart, saying: “I’ve seen players drive their carts to the green, survey it, then walk back to their ball and play. They leave their carts by the green. Short par 4s.”

That would appear to go against the guidelines set out in the 2022 PGA Tour Champions Player Handbook, which states: “When practical, carts should not be driven past your own ball or that of your playing partner, and should not be parked in close proximity to any ball in play.”

Goydos also suggested that carts are largely unnecessary anyway, pointing out that players who use them would likely not skip a Major, where they are prohibited. He wrote: “It’s rare you get a group of 3 walkers. Next week is the Regions Tradition, a major, walking only (except ADA exemptions) how many players will skip because they can’t take a cart? ZERO.”

Goydos played in last week’s Mitsubishi Electric Classic on the PGA Tour Champions, where he finished tied for 30th. He has five wins on the Tour, with his most recent being the 2017 3M Championship.

Last month, Jack Nicklaus revealed that 15-time Major winner Tiger Woods had told him that he intends to play on the PGA Tour Champions when he turns 50 and will use a cart

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