Who's in the Bollinger tent?

Weary of lager and desperate to meet some movers and shakers, Golf Monthly slipped quietly out of the back of the beer tent, crossed the lawn and said hello to the men and women sipping Champagne in the Bollinger tent.

Paul Kimber: I work for DMK Golf Design who are presently involved with three projects in Scotland. I?m in charge of the new Castle Course at St Andrews. We?re almost done, really proud of it and hope the public love it. It?s certainly the best piece of work I?ve ever done. And then there?s another 18 holes at Machrihanish. That, too, is going very well. It?s an awesome site and four holes are now complete. Apart from the tees and greens, we?re not having to do very much. You couldn?t wish for better terrain with which to work. And then there?s the new course at Gleneagles, the working title of which is ?G West?, which will be opening in 2010.

Peter Mason: I retired three weeks ago from the St Andrews Links Trust. I?ll still be doing a little bit of consultancy work for them as well as well as Scottish Enterprise, Fife. I think the Open is absolutely splendid. The tented villa.ge is great, the course is stunning... everything?s perfect.

Annabel: I work for Visit Scotland and I?m principally here in the Bollinger tent to network, meet journalists... all that sort of thing. This is my first Open and I?m finding it a wonderful experience, especially when the sun shines. It was great to see Nick Faldo and I was amazed at how dark his hair is and how youthful he looks.

Yvonne: I should be in the office right now and am not supposed to be here at all so I can?t tell you my surname or where I work. All I can say is that I think the Open is brilliant.

John: I work for TSB and I?m not really sure why I?m here. I suppose it?s always good to network and meet clients and the Bollinger tent is renowned for providing sparkling company.

David Kinsey: My company, Imperial Headware, supplies the tartan hats being sold here. It?s going very well and we?ve already disposed of about three-quarters of our entire stock. I?m also the supplier of the Mauijim sunglasses. The weather has made it a bit difficult but now the sun?s come out, sales are picking up. Quite a few of the top golfers wear them.

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