Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 to have full Kinect integration

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 becomes the first sports simulation title for Xbox 360's Kinect

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

Golf Monthly can confirm that the new EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 game on Xbox 360 will feature full integration with Kinect for the first time.

We visited EA's UK offices last week to get a sneak preview of the new title, which will for the first time also feature Rory McIlroy on the cover, alongside Woods.

Over the next two months we will reveal some of the added features of the game right here on the website before we give you the full Q&A with EA's lead designer for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, Mike DeVault.

Here's a taster of the full interview in which DeVault spoke to us about using the Kinect for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13.

GM: So tell us how it works then Mike

MDV: When we were over in the UK with last year's title the biggest thing we kept getting asked was "will it have Kinect?" so we're really excited to have it in this year's game. We've redesigned the entire interface of the game to work with the Kinect. To address the ball all you have to do is simply put your hands together as though you were gripping the golf club to take a shot. Then you just take your hands back and through to swing the club.

GM: Does it pick up on whether you actually have a good golf swing or not?

MDV: Yeah way too much! If you've got a good golf swing and you put the game on the hardest settings, you're going to smoke somebody like me!

GM: Will it pick up on whether you are hitting a draw or a fade then?

MDV: If you put the difficulty setting on Tour Pro or Tournament, which is the hardest setting, the Kinect will start to recognise whether you're swinging with an inside-out shape or an outside-in shape. Ultimately it has the ability to reading your body to determine what type of shot you are hitting. It's incredibly detailed, which is why we had to make it so that you actually face the Kinect in a front on position to swing the club.

Watch Tiger Woods himself demonstrate how to use the Kinect for the new game

Watch lead designer Mike DeVault demo the Kinect

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